Frequently Asked Questions About Hypno

Welcome to the Sleepy Circuits forum! We hope you’ll make yourself at home. If this is your first time checking out or using one of our devices, we strongly recommend reading the Frequently Asked Questions. Most of the common newcomer questions are covered in our FAQ and will help you find the information you need fast.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I get a Hypno?
    Hypno is available to pre-order directly from Sleepy Circuits via the Hypno product page. We are not stocking retailers at this time, but will resume somtime in the future.

  • When is my Hypno shipping?
    Hypno is produced in batches, and we do our best to estimate the timeline of future batches based on currently available information. When Hypno runs sell out, we may temporarily disable pre-orders until production can catch up, but rest assured we are making more! The lead time for shipment of pre-orders is always listed on the Hypno product page.

  • Can you ship a Hypno to my country?
    We offer international shipping to a number of countries outside the USA. If your country is one of them, it will be available in the “Country” dropdown list on our check out page. Unfortunately, not all destinations are possible at this time. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about international shipping.

  • How do I use Hypno?
    The full graphic manual, along with many video demonstrations of individual functions, can be found on the Hypno manual page. There’s also a full video demo on YouTube which you’ll find in Hypno Video Synthesizer Full Demo. Many operational questions may be answered or linked inside this FAQ. You can also browse our forums for a variety of topics related to using Hypno.

  • How do I update Hypno’s firmware?
    Firmware downloads and instructions are on the Hypno update page.

  • How do I get Hypno out of its enclosure?
    It’s easy! We made a video to show you how.

  • What’s this I hear about a recall?
    In January of 2021, we identified a minor hardware flaw that could cause issues for some users. A voluntary recall is currently open for those experiencing this problem who would like it fixed. Please navigate to Voluntary Recall on Noisy Hypno Units for details.

  • What kind of video outputs is Hypno capable of?
    Hypno has built in analog composite video output via RCA jack on the front panel, and HDMI digital video output on the left side of the module. The composite video can be standard definition NTSC or PAL (480i/576i). HDMI output supports multiple resolutions up to 1080p, and will automatically negotiate the best resolution for your display. It is not possible to use both outputs simultaneously; Hypno will automatically use the HDMI output if it is connected to an active display on boot. If no display is detected, it will default to composite. NDI video output via USB is possible in either video output mode.

  • How do I use Hypno’s NDI output?
    Hypno is capable of broadcasting its output as NDI video via the front microUSB port. Guides for setting up Hypno for NDI output are available for Windows and Mac

  • How can I “reset” Hypno to its default state?
    Hypno always boots to the default patch, but to save yourself the time and effort of power cycling, you can use one of Hypno’s built-in features: presets. Simple save a preset of the default patch, and you’ll be able to recall it whenever you want! Check out our video on presets to learn more.

  • When my audio interface and Hypno are connected to my computer, I sometimes experience electrical hum; How do I eliminate this?
    Ground loops are a common cause of noise, hum, and interference in audio and video devices when each interconnected device is receiving its power from a separate source. We’ve provided some basic steps to isolate and eliminate ground loops on the forum

  • How do I record Hypno’s output?
    Hypno is capable of outputting three different video formats: HDMI (digital), composite (analog), and NDI (digital). Except for NDI, a capture device is required stream Hypno’s video output into a computer. To record videos with Hypno, we recommend OBS, a free, open-source video capture and streaming program. You can get started recording Hypno without additional hardware by using its NDI output over USB or Ethernet. Guides for setting up Hypno for NDI output are available for Windows and Mac

  • Will my synthesizer work with Hypno / Is Hypno audio reactive?
    Short answer: yes! Hypno is compatible with both Eurorack control voltages and MIDI control. If your synthesizer, MIDI controller, modular, or groovebox can output either of these, you can use it to control Hypno and program animations that are timed to music. Our Hypno & OP-Z Tutorial goes over some basics for controlling your visuals with MIDI, while our Making Audiovisuals with Mother-32 and Hypno video will teach you how to interface Hypno’s visuals with control signals from your musical synthesizers. We’ve also put together a large thread for Making Audiovisual Patches with Hypno that goes over techniques for using MIDI or CV to control Hypno in time with music.

  • What are some Eurorack modules that work with Hypno?
    We’ve compiled a list of our favorite Eurorack modulators for Hypno.

  • What kind of signals can I patch into Hypno’s minijack inputs?
    Hypno’s inputs accept a range of +/-5V modulation signals from Eurorack and other modular synthesizers. Voltages above or below this range will be clipped. Do not patch any voltages greater than +/-12V into Hypno as this may damage the module.

  • How do I control Hypno with MIDI?
    Hypno can accept MIDI control from class-compliant USB MIDI controllers and interfaces. Simply connect the MIDI device with a USB OTG cable (microUSB adapter). The online Hypno manual provides a table for the MIDI implementation and there’s a short video tutorial too. We’ve also released an informative Hypno & OP-Z Tutorial which contains tons of useful tips for controlling Hypno with MIDI. MIDI devices we have tested are also documented in the List of USB Accessories that work with Hypno.

  • How do I use Hypno’s USB video input?
    Video input from a UVC capture device or webcam should be plug and play. Our official demo video Hypno - Video Input goes over the basics. If you’re having issues, we’ve put together this very detailed UVC Video Input Setup and Troubleshooting Guide

  • Where can I get some sweet video content to run through Hypno?
    We’re glad you asked! Sleepy Circuits offers a number of Videos Packs on our website, many of which are free. There’s also, our new video hosting site where you can source lots of free content uploaded by other video artists.

  • What USB accessories are recommended for Hypno?
    We keep a running List of USB Accessories (Webcams/Capture Cards and MIDI devices) that work with Hypno.

  • How do I interface Hypno with my LZX video modular?
    LZX Industries is a popular brand of analog video synthesizers for the Eurorack format, and there are many ways for them to play with Hypno. Check out our threads Using Hypno in your LZX modular video ecosystem and Getting your LZX video modular into Hypno.

  • What other video devices can I use with Hypno?
    The sky is the limit! Because Hypno has both analog and digital outputs, you can patch it into tons of different analog video switchers (like the Panasonic MX-30/50/70) and digital video switchers (such as the Blackmagic Atem Mini or Roland V-4EX), or interface with LZX video synthesizers and video glitch devices from Syntonie and BPMC. If you have a computer, you use programs like OBS, Resolume, GLMixer, Max for post-processing and capture.
    Similarly, with Hypno’s UVC input feature you can also run video streams from analog and digital hardware into Hypno’s engine for processing, further opening up new worlds of hypnotic visuals. For a detailed guide to using video input, check out the UVC Video Input Setup and Troubleshooting Guide

  • How can I keep up with Sleepy Circuits?
    All the ways! If you haven’t already registered, we invite you to join our forum (here) and participate in the discussion of all things Sleepy. You can also join our email list by entering your email into the signup box at the bottom of our website We’re also on Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook. We now have a chat channel, too, where you can talk all things Sleepy with other users.

  • How do I get help or support for my Hypno?
    If we haven’t answered your question in this FAQ, or you need technical assistance, please send us an email at or use the Contact us tool. You can also ask for help in the Issue/Bug subcategory on this forum.

  • I have an idea or feature request for Hypno.
    Please feel free to leave your thoughts in the official Hypno Ideas/Feedback thread. We can’t respond to every request, but we always take user feedback into consideration.