Hypno HDMI Expander DIY

I have had a lot fo requests for a eurorack HDMI expander panel for Hypno. The fastest way for me to get this going would be a some kind of diy option.

If we land a mountable part list I can design a 3d printed/pcb panel for your preferred solution.

@Cowboy had some good part suggestions, could you post those here again?

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Parts list:

Just make sure you position the HDMI jack in the panel so it won’t interfere with the HDMI output from Hypno.

Assembled panel + FPV HDMI cable:


I ended up rotating the panel HDMI jack 180 degrees, because my right angle HDMI extension cable was an up-angle, not down-angle. It’s probably good to build this in such a way that allows the user to rotate the connector in the panel, in case they want to use an angled cable.


With the cable:

If I were to do it all again, I might try looking a bit harder for a micro-HDMI panel jack (I couldn’t find any), along with a micro-HDMI extension cable so that it doesn’t interfere with the knob quite so much. But what I have works fine for me!


Not sure what the strength would be for a 3d-printed panel, since the HDMI connector requires a fair amount of force to plug/unplug, but CNC routing an aluminum panel / pcb would probably be pretty easy and not too pricey if you did a decent sized-batch.

Here’s another option- I’ve been using HDMI bulkheads mounted to the side of my cases. Works great on wooden cases like Monorocket and Goike stuff, and doesn’t use up any HP or get in the way of patching.

The holesaw that I have for my drill makes holes that are a bit too big, so I add several wraps of electrical tape on the bulkhead before cramming it in there. I haven’t been able to find bulkheads that use smaller than standard HDMI connectors, so I still need adapters inside the case.

BATIGE USB 3.0 & HDMI to HDMI + USB3.0 AUX Extension Dash Panel Waterproof Car Flush Mount Cable for Car Boat and Motorcycle - 3ft https://www.amazon.com/dp/B073HZ4STM/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_tai_xJiQEbWH9XNPE

[edit] Standard precautions apply. When you aren’t using the USB or HDMI cables, make sure to keep the ends covered so they don’t flop around and wind up short-circuiting something inside your case. I cover the ends of the cables with several layers of heavy-duty plastic bags, held in place with rubber bands or tape.



Yoo didn’t realize you’re already done with this, this is awesome! Yeah the plastic would have some flex but I can make a pcb panel in the sleepy aesthetic if yall are interested.

Gonna try to pick up these parts and give this a go myself soon.

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I’d be down for one if the panel matches the hypno. Bonus points if you can do it in 2HP :smiley: :smiley:

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I can but ill probably have to check with the parts you listed to see if it fits in 2hp.

Another vote for 2hp version… precisely because I have a 2hp gap in my micro case to route out Hypno’s HDMI and also 3hp is the devil

Hey! I’m about to pre-order a Hypno, but for rack mounting I had wondered about using a part like this:

or a cable like this

Either of those will work to connect, depending on space available in your case. Any HDMI cable will work fine really.

Im still waiting on the above @Cowboy mentioned ribbon HDMI connector to try for panel mounting myself.

All the options seem great, but since I have empty rack space I’ll probably just use a right angle cable for the moment. But eventually modding a composite sync in/out and hdmi out to my mantis case would be supreme for saving hp when the thing is full. :smile:

Heads up, the alternative linked part is a mini-hdmi plug so it WILL NOT WORK with hypno, I received this part after a long wait and was very disappointed lol

I would advise going with the Original Part @Cowboy listed

I made a prototype PCB that flips up the HDMI on a single PCB but the routing did not work. Gotta love high speed signal routing…

Additionally, the heights of the components are proving to be challenging to line up. Anyway It may be unrealistic to fit this kind of arrangement on a 2hp module for a more “official” expander…

Anyway DIY this setup for now should work fine. Hopefully signal integrity holds up in more demanding contexts with the dongles @Cowboy suggested.

I’ve used my custom expander, without issue, across maybe 6 or 8 hour long sets. Everything works great!

Feel free to edit my post to remove the “(out of stock now, but this one might be a good alternative)” bit. I tried to remove it but it wouldn’t let me edit the post.

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It is done! Perhaps I should make some panels soon :thinking:


What is done? the prototype pcb you mentioned? :grin:

Nah I just meant the post above is corrected.


Is there, or are there any plans for eurorack expander that makes the side HDMI output accessible when the Hypnoses is mounted in a eurorack case? I would imagine that someone could make something in 4hp that would do the trick.

I made a DIY one in 3hp. There’s a thread on it here, somewhere.