Hypno HDMI Expander DIY

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I was about to pull the trigger on parts and make my own HDMI Expander. While trying to source a 3HP blank panel, I ran into a product from a group I’ve bought from in the past who make quite a few nifty eurorack items including this:

I thought to myself: Maybe I can fit my HDMI port on their panel just below their HDMI port - effectively piggybacking on their form without interfering with their functionality. I wrote to them asking if they thought it would work and they wrote back (saying it would be unlikely to fit) proposing the idea of producing a round of proper Expanders for us.

So now I’m gauging interest. :slight_smile: If you think this is something you’d buy, let me know. Once I have an idea how many they could sell, I’ll be able to find out the cost per module and gauge final interest.

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I haven’t gotten around to creating a panel for this DIY project just yet but it is on my list to create a PCB panel. At that point I will simply list the panel on the site for purchase.

( I was actually hoping to get a prototype of this panel ordered this week )

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I would definitely buy one. What do you expect the panel size to be? 2 or 3 HP?

Please lord don’t make it an uneven hp :joy:


It will actually be 3.5hp…



Good news! 2hp should be able to fit the panel mount adapter.

In theory…

Now we wait to see if this works out in practice.


Prototype is working!


Oh dear! So, are the 2hp panels up for grabs yet?

We should have them for sale fairly soon, we’ll update this thread when they’re ready to ship.


Expander panels are available now!!!

Here is the full part list again (also on the shop page):


Okay, that’s awesome so far. :+1:
Time for next level shit: Create a panel for 1U! :innocent:
Cowboy already showed a picture of his case (2nd post).
Imagine that the expander panel is above the Hypno.
Good idea? Yes or … yes?! :sweat_smile:

So it looks like the officially linked HDMI panel mount is no longer available. There’s a few alternatives, are any known to actually fit?

I’m mainly concerned about hole spacing - HDMI cables don’t have locking screws like DB-style connectors (serial cables, VGA, etc), so I dont know if the hole distance is standard.

Anything that looks like it on Amazon from the keywords “female to female hdmi panel mount” should do fine it’s a generic part.

I think this one is the same although it’s a two pack - group buy anyone? haha



Any idea on when more of these will be in stock? I’m looking to get one ASAP.

Hai welcome to the forum jonnyedwin! Sorry about that I didn’t realize that I put the incorrect stock number. These are currently in stock, I have plenty of these. Please check again!

Awesome, thanks! Just purchased.

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Also, Adafruit sales the HDMI ribbons and ends for those who don’t wish to buy it from Amazon. Panel works really well in the 4ms pod case.


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