Putting Hypno in my Eurorack and NDI questions

While I wait for my pre-order Hypno to arrive I have a couple questions.

If you mount the Hypno in your Eurorack, how do you route the HDMI cable out of the enclosure or are you using the NDI out? I was trying to find a blank panel that has a cutout but I couldn’t find one.

If you are using the NDI to output, how can you tell if a monitor has an NDI input? Is that just a USB interface? I’m new to the whole NDI thing.

Suggestions for a small, inexpensive monitor to as a practice screen?


Hey konjurer, welcome to the forum!

Folks have taken many different approaches to handling the side HDMI port. Personally I just left a gap in my case and connected a right-angle HDMI cable. We’re also working on a small solution for front panel mounted HDMI, which you can read all about here https://forum.sleepycircuits.com/t/hypno-hdmi-expander-diy/

Not sure when we’ll release the panels, but pretty soon hopefully.

There’s also the composite video output (RCA) on the front panel, which you can use as an alternative to HDMI, but in SD.

NDI, on the other hand, doesn’t work like a typical video output - you’ll need a computer to monitor Hypno’s NDI output. Check out our tutorial threads to see how you can set up NDI yourself


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