Visual Software for Hypno's UVC input (Mac, Win, iOS, Android, RPi/Linux)

Thanks to Hypno’s UVC input, the module’s potential becomes nearly limitless with video input from digital devices like computers, tablets and smartphones. With these devices you can feed pre-recorded video clips, live cameras, motion graphics, still images, and more into Hypno for processing, or capture Hypno’s output into software for post processing and video effects. By no means comprehensive, this is a list of our favorite visual apps that we like to use with Hypno.

It’s a great idea to read our UVC Video Input Setup and Troubleshooting Guide if you’re interested in learning how to use external video input with Hypno.

Multi-platform Desktop Applications

If your laptop or desktop computer has an HDMI output, you can use it with Hypno!

  • VLC - The free and open-source media player. Lightweight and loaded with practical features, use it to queue up and play video clips through Hypno, such as those from Sleepy’s Video Packs. Available on Mac, Windows and Linux/RPI. Mobile versions also available (see below). Get it at the VideoLAN website.
  • OBS Studio - Free and open-source video recording and streaming application. Use OBS to record Hypno’s video outputs with NDI or a capture device, or use OBS to prepare other video sources for inputting to Hypno. Get it from the OBS Project for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Learn more about using OBS and Hypno in NDI + OBS Setup & Troubleshooting Guide for Mac, NDI + OBS Setup & Troubleshooting Guide for Windows, and Using Hypno with OBS.
  • GLMixer - Another high quality free app, GLMixer is a creative video mixing workspace that allows you to combine video clips, video inputs, and computer generated graphics. Totally free for Windows, Mac and Linux on the SourceForge page.
  • Max - Max is a visual programming environment that can also be integrated with Ableton Live. Use visual packages like Vizze, VSynth and Jitter to produce visuals to process through Hypno, or post process Hypno output using a capture device. Check out our very own Hypno & Max Tutorial, then you can try or buy on the Cycling '74 website.
  • Signal Culture - The Signal Culture library of apps features an array of fun and interesting video effects and tools. $15-75 on Mac and PC, get it at the Signal Culture website.
  • Acid Cam - Described as an “augmented reality hallucination simulator,” Acid Cam processes video input using a massive array of vivid and colorful effects. Totally free, available on Lost Side Dead for Mac, Windows and Linux.
  • Shadertoy - Browse this large repository of GL shaders directly in your browser on most operating systems. Run them into Hypno for processing, or try using shaders to process Hypno’s output. Check out the Hypno & Shadertoy thread for tips, then try it for yourself on the Shadertoy site.
  • Synesthesia - Synesthesia is a visual instrument that allows anyone to harness the power of shaders to create mind-blowing visual experiences in realtime. Free to try, or $99-299 for Mac and Windows on the Synesthesia website.
  • Resolume - Premium VJ software for PC and Mac. Use it to feed Hypno’s video input, or post-process Hypno’s output! Try before you buy with a limited version, otherwise €299-799 on the Resolume website.

Mac only

  • Lumen - Lumen is an analog style video synthesizer for Mac. Expand the possibilities of Hypno by feeding it complex patterns from your computer and processing them with the module’s array of transform, color, and feedback FX. Get a free demo or buy for $129 on the Lumen website

Windows only

  • Mandelbulber - This unique program creates endless, mind-bending 3D fractal animations. Needs a good computer to run well. Totally free, get it on SourceForge Mandelbulber page.

Multi-platform Mobile Apps (iOS and Android)

Our How to use iOS with Hypno thread will also be helpful if you’re using an iPhone or iPad. There’s no Android guide yet, but if your phone/tablet has HDMI out then the process is pretty similar.

  • Magic Fluids - beautiful fluid graphics generator. $3.99 for iPad or iPhone, $4.99 on Google Play. Free version also available on iOS and Android.
  • VLC - lightweight but full featured video playback app, get this if you just want to play your video clips on Hypno. Once again we recommend checking out our Video Clip Library for material to play in VLC! Free on iPad and iPhone and free for Android.
  • ProjectM - The classic music visualizer, Milkdrop, now for mobile devices. Video delay from the phone to Hypno won’t allow for true audio reactive graphics from ProjectM, but would anyone even notice? $2.99 on iPad and iPhone. and $3.99 on Android.
  • FilMiC Pro - Superb video recording app with fully manual controls and clean HDMI output of the camera, perfect for piping live video into Hypno. $14.99 for iPad or iPhone and Android.
  • YouTube - Watch Sleepy’s YT channel on your Hypno :slight_smile: Free for iPhone and iPad, and Android.

iOS only apps

  • TouchViZ - Arguably one of the most powerful “VJ” apps for iOS, TouchViZ is a two-channel video mixing application with built in digital video effects. Load your own clips (such as from our Video Clip Library, mash them up, then pipe them into Hypno for further processing and mindblowing visuals. $9.99 for iPad.
  • Air Camera - Simple app for displaying clean camera out via HDMI so you can use it on Hypno. $0.99 for iPad or iPhone.
  • SplodeLab - Unique and abstract visual generator. Free for iPad and iPhone.
  • NDI Monitor - Use your iOS device as a portable monitor for Hypno! With some adapters, Hypno’s NDI output can be viewed on your iPhone or iPad screen. $9.99 for iPhone and iPad. Requires the official Apple Lightning to USB 3 Camera Adapter and a microUSB cable.

Android only apps

  • Kaleider - Turn any image file into a complex kaleidoscope with 3D mirrors, tunnels and more. Free for Android.
  • Freedoom - Why not? Free for Android.

Raspberry Pi only apps

  • r_e_c_u_r - A free and open-source video sampler with deep features. Developed by our friend @cyberboy666. Excellent utility if you need a portable media player to pipe video clips into Hypno. Check it out on the r_e_c_u_r GitHub.
  • Andrei Creative Coding RPi Ecosystem - If you’re into video and Raspberry Pi, Andrei’s ecosystem of apps are a must-have. From video feedback synthesis engines to vector graphics generation, there’s a wealth of amazing source visuals to feed Hypno with. Get the images on Andrei’s website

What are your favorite mobile apps to use with Hypno? Post 'em below and we’ll add them to the list!


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