Using Hypno with OBS

I just posted a basic tutorial on how to get up and running using OBS with Hypno’s builtin streaming capabilities.

Edit: new step-by-step write ups of the process! →
NDI + OBS Setup & Troubleshooting Guide for Mac
NDI + OBS Setup & Troubleshooting Guide for Windows

OBS NDI Integration:…

Here are my recording settings in OBS for quick reference:

How are you using OBS in your setup?

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I know @Cowboy has a cool setup with the iPad. I would love to hear about how you organize scenes and switch between them during performance.

I have found OBS to be quite inspiring but lacking hands on control. For example, I would love to be able to adjust lumakey values on the fly and its frustrating for me to do this via mouse when mid stream :confused:

I’m using an iPad as a virtual external monitor, via Spacedesk (which works on iPad, Android and Windows). I was using Duet for a while, but I find Spacedesk to be more reliable.

Like the above post, I have the iPad set to display the OBS Multiview, which shows up to 8 scenes and the output. And because it’s a touch screen, I can tap any scene to transition to it.

I put the iPad between my modular synth and keyboards, so I can control and see what’s going with my stream without having to turn around (my computer is off to the right in this photo).

Hypno and one of my cameras (the rest are USB webcams) are captured on my PC via an HDMI to SDI converter into a Blackmagic DeckLink Duo 2, which feeds into OBS.

I would LOVE to have some control over changing the OBS Chroma Key filter settings in realtime, but for now, I just have a few scenes where I’ve setup the Chroma Key filter settings for my Hypno source to key off of black in a way that seems to work pretty well:


And here are a few examples of what this looks like over an overhead video of my modular (that I’ve desaturated and changed the gamma on):

FWIW, OBS has a python scripting system. It’s awkward to use because it’s just a set of bindings to the underlying OBS C API, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was possible to do this kind of thing. I haven’t had time to dig into it yet.

Here’s the documentation:

Also some misc obs-related projects on GitHub:

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Man that looks awesome! No way to use MacOS as a primary machine tho :frowning:

really gotta start saving up for that new desktop computer…

Why do you use the chroma key vs the luma key filter? isn’t it thesame?

I have no idea! I’ve only tried the Chroma Key filter. I’ll have to check it out.

An aside, I just switched from the iPad to a Galaxy Tab A 10.1, which has a more suitable aspect ratio for the OBS Multiview. Just note that because using WiFi results in unusable frame rates, you need to enable USB tethering, which (for this tablet, at least) required unlocking it and installing a custom ROM. That said, I followed some XDA tutorials, and it works perfectly.

You totally can, just use Duet Display and an iPad. Duet worked pretty well for me when I was using OBS on a Mac but I prefer Spacedesk now that I’m on Windows.

Oh Great! Thanks, will check that out.

Edit: Holy crap this app is awesome!!! Here I was considering getting a second display for my mac. Well worth the 10 bucks.

Edit 2: Only problem I found is that this absolutely slams my CPU when sending the Hypno feed and running at the higher resolutions. Probably bc the laptop ends up having to encode the video. Had to turn down the quality to make it useable on my old 2015 mac. Hypno is definitely a worst case scenario for encoding tho haha.

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I followed the instructions, downloaded OBS and the pkg’s in my Mac, and got it working for a minute.
Then the live feed will freeze and I have to restart the program (and sometimes Hypno) before it shows again.
I am on 10.14.6 (Mojave).
Anyone noticed similar behaviour, or knows how can I fix it?

Thanks in advance

Strange, I test primarily on my 2015 MacBook and I even do steams with the NDI from Hypno working reliably.

How is Hypno powered in your situation? Are you seeing a new network adapter in the “Network” tab of system preferences when you plug in Hypno?

It would be great if you could post a phone video of your setup so I can see what is going on.

So, I am on a MacBook Pro from 2019
With a 1.4 GHz Intel Core i5 processor, 8 GB Memory, and plenty storage space available.
Operating system is macOS Mojave: 10.14.6

I am powering Hypno through the USB port of my computer, and I can see that RNDIS/Ethernet Gadget appear in the “Network” tab of system preferences with a self-assigned IP (when the Hypno image freezes in OBS, the status of this Gadget does not change).

Here you have a phone video of my OBS setup, you can see how I change presets a couple of times and the video feed freezes around the 0:37’ mark:

This is the reported behaviour. It also freezes in the OBS recording file.

Does this help you see what the problem might be at all?

Thanks in advance

Video is private ^ Just reached out about this issue via DM on Instagram.

Its possible Hypno may need additional power via the side USB port. Ive had some users report dropouts with certain laptops and we where able to get it working by supplying additional power via the extra USB port or Euro connector.

Sorry about that, please try with this link:
I tried powering Hypno as well via the side port, with an external battery pack and directly to the wall, but the problem persists.
Actually I am pretty sure it must be related to OBS, as when the image freezes, sometimes if I turn the software off and on again (without touching Hypno) I can get the image back as it was live before.

I was hoping you would film more of what’s is going on gear wise as that would help me see what is connected.

It does seem like a software issue in that case, perhaps you could try NDI’s tools and see if the feed works alright with this software.

I develop Hypno on MacOS (Catalina) so it should be working fine.

I see… gear wise is as straightforward as you can see on the video: just Hypno plugged into my Mac via USB, and with OBS open to see the image, no external CV in or anything else in-between.

Just tried NDI’s tools and I am having the same issue with the image feed freezing.
I am starting to think it might be a problem from this computer, will try in a different one (with both NDI & OBS) to see if the problem persists.

Thank you for your kind support and infinite patience with this noob

here are all the video noiz weapons i use in my OBS setup… :stuck_out_tongue:

Is anyone else having issues getting the NDI source to appear in OBS? I’m seeing other people running Mojave having issues finding the runtime as well. Apparently disabling SIP will fix it but trying to explore other options before doing that.

edit: i’m also not seeing hypno pop up as an ethernet devide.

Not sure about Mojave, the USB Ethernet detection could also be effected by the old OS.

You are plugging in the panel USB? Using the supplied USB from Hypno Standalone? (If not check to make sure it supports data, some of those cheap USB cables are power only)

Is there a way you can try your Hypno with a more updated Mac OS or Win 10?

I only have Catalina so I can’t test Mojave on my end.

The USB streaming is tested in the QA procedure and also used to program the Hypno in the 1st place so it should be working…

Hi Ron,
Okay so after trying a better cable I have the Hypno appearing in my Ethernet devices. It still looks like OBS isn’t displaying NDI as an option though. I can’t update to Catalina right now since I’m running a hackintosh, which probably has something to do with my troubles here. I do have a decklink that works great with OBS but I was hoping to free up that input for another video source and utilize Hypno’s NDI capability. Apparently Opencore is a much more stable way of hackintoshing, so I might give that a try at some point and see if that clears up my issue.

Obs not displaying ndi as an option means the plug-in is not installed correctly, try re installing the obs-ndi plug-in and/or obs

If the Ethernet adapter is showing up it should work fine, you can also try ndi tools to test if the stream is coming in ok

I’m not sure whats going on here. I installed NDI tools and the hypno appears in the dropdown of the the NDI virtual input utility, but OBS isn’t displaying any NDI option even after reinstalling the integration. I can see it and stream into Max however, so I guess that works haha.