Octatrack not controlling presets

Hi! I just bought the Hypno and I really love it!!

I just cannot control presets from Octatrack.

I know that I need to use channel 16, holding a note to save a preset, pressing note to recall.

I tried with Octatrack (that hasn’t usb midi) connected from midi din out to Erica Lxr02 drum machine, and then from Lxr02 to Hypnos by usb midi, but it doesn’t work: midi notes arrive from Oct to Lxr but not as midi thru to Hyp

I tried with Octatrack using Bespeco Bmuse 100 a din to usb interface, but it doesn’t work too

I can see on the wiki on this site that Iconnectivity Mio din to usb interface should work, but I’m starting to think that maybe problem is that Octatrck midi is not compatible with Hyp? Anyone tried to use Octatrack to control it?

Alternatively, what is the smaller and cheaper device do you suggest that I could use just for switching presets in a live performance? Nanokontrol 2?


Ok I solved it. I have read on this forum that you need to move some control on Hypno after switching on before sending midi. I did it and now Octa works good with presets using the Bespeco Bmuse 100 din to usb interface!


@kultoff Interesting. I was having problems with my Skyntakt and never got it to work. Maybe it’s the same problem. Where did you find the info about moving some control?

(my original still unresolved thread: Can't receive MIDI from Elektron Syntakt over USB)

Hi @eddrro here in the comments and in some other thread