Not recognizing MIDI messages from Arturia MiniLab MKII (CC & notes sent on Ch16)

Hi there! Very new Hypno user, just received my prebuilt. Very excited to get crackin on learning how to create live visuals for my first official gig in a couple weeks (tight timeline, yes…but one can dream).

Would like to store and recall presets via MIDI controller, but my Hypno doesn’t indicate that it’s receiving any messages from my Arturia MiniLab MKII. I programmed the keyboard to send notes on Channel 16 and knobs to correspond to different CC messages listed in the Hypno manual via the Arturia MIDI Control Center (screenshots below). However, nothing happens when the MiniLab is plugged into the Hypno via either USB-A port. Have confirmed via the Hypno’s Help Mode that no params are being triggered by any key or knob on the controller, but all of the MiniLab’s lights turn on, so it’s definitely connected to and being powered by the Hypno.

What am I doing wrong? Would really appreciate any help troubleshooting. Hoping I’m missing something obvious. I’ve read in other forums that people are successfully using the MiniLab as a controller, so I don’t think it’s hardware incompatibility (Korg Nanokontrol2?). Thank you!

I use a minilab MK2 and it works well, maybe I can help.

Looks like a very fresh minilab set up so I’ll ask some basic stuff:

Did you store the patch to a slot on the minilab using the ‘Store to’ button?

Once connected to Hypno did you select that slot using the top left button and pad combo?

Have you checked if your minilab is sending midi data via a midi monitor programme on your computer?

One thing I noticed about the Hypno is that after booting and once everything is hooked up via MIDI, you need to turn a knob, press a button, and otherwise change a value on the Hypno itself before it cant start recognizing MIDI information. Not sure if this is intentional, but it happens every time I reboot the unit.

change a value on the Hypno itself before it can start recognizing MIDI

Definitely this has been happening for several releases…

ah you rock!! i just got the minilab and didn’t realize i needed to store those settings to a memory bank and recall that via the controller once i was connected. it’s communicating with the hypno now! thanks a ton!!


I have the same issue and did all the basic stuff you mentioned.
I have a MK3 do you think thats the reason why it doesent work? It has a USB C out, the MK2 has i think Micro Usb out.
Thanks for any help!

I’m sure you’ve solved this by now, but did you actually load the local template to the device memory? That drove me crazy for a bit. The local templates are just a work area. they are not stored on the device.