Korg Nanokontrol2?

Hey, I am new to Hypno and was just reading @SleepyBrian that the Nanokontrol2 and Hypno works together.

Has anybody hints on what can be done and how?

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My understanding is that you could edit the values put out by the nanocontrol using korg’s software.

Then you can control every single function in the Hypno because they are all controlled by midi CC or note messages.

Just plug it into an OTG cable using the front port and you’re away.

Check the midi section of the manual for details.

I’ve set up an Arturia Minilab mk2 to control every parameter so I’m pretty sure you could do something similar.


Almost all of Hypno’s parameters are mapped to MIDI CCs, so you could use the NK2 to get more hands on control of the module. The most common use would be giving the “Page” parameters their own dedicated controls, so you don’t have to do button combinations on Hypno.

The MIDI Implementation for Hypno is listed on our Manual Page, use this with the Korg software to program your NK2 to control whichever parameters you desires.

Note that you will need a USB OTG dongle (microUSB adapter) to connect the NK2 to Hypno. There’s a list of compatible hardware here


Thanks to you both. Yes it worked absolutely easy! Configuring the midi commands using Korg’s Nanokontrol PC software (or Mac in my case) is easy also for a novice. And for 50€ the Nanokontrol is an excellent way to store & access the many presets as good starting points for live performances.


So I’ve been researching a lot lately getting prepared for my first attempt at a live performance using the hypno. I just bought the NK2 so now I have more questions.

Since this needs to go into the front port of the hypno using the OTG adapter, how can we also send external video to the hypno? Is it as simple as getting an adapter with more than one USB port?

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It is exactly that simple. Plug a usb hub into the otg cable and you’re good to go.

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Generally we have been using this one to good effect since it give a bit of extra juice to the hub: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B078MNW25Q/ (see the thread List of USB Accessories that work with Hypno

Hello! Using NanoKontrol2 are you able to recall more than three presets? I recall that you could save up to three presets on the USB stick, but are you able to manage more than that through using NanoKontrol? I’d love to hear more. Thanks!

Oh! Is there a public NanoKontrol config file for controlling Hypno? Or do I still need to make my own? Thanks!

If you assign some of the buttons you can use midi notes associated with the white keys on a keyboard to save presets.

I haven’t used my nanokontrol with the be Hypno yet but if someone has a layout they can share I would also be up for trying it out.

I’ve been experimenting with this layout, using A as an input shape. Slider 1 normally selects files from the USB, or it selects from the camera feed when all the way up.

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Since I’m new, I can only put one embed per post:

Screen Shot 2022-10-22 at 00.35.33

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