Can't receive MIDI from Elektron Syntakt over USB

It works fine with my Digitakt, but not with my Syntakt. I’ve tried all the settings. Both are on latest firmware. :cry: Any ideas?

Hai! Not sure sir as I do not partake in the elektron klak life. Are other MIDI devices working ok w your Syntakt? (That is a new device is it possible there may be some bug happening?)

Maybe someone who has this piece can chime in and help us out?

Yeah, everything works fine when I connect the Syntakt to my computer… I can receive all midi notes and CC messages etc as expected.

Hey @eddrro , you mentioned that you use the Digitakt fine? I’m trying to control my Hypno with my Digitakt and I’m having trouble getting anything to catch. Would you mind connecting to see if I’m going through the process correctly?

@jsthiele yes that’s right. I’m using the Digitakt USB out into a micro-USB adapter plugged into the front of the Hypno (original version, not the kit). Then on the digi I have these settings:

Settings → MIDI Config → Output To: “USB+MIDI”

Then on any MIDI TRK, go to the SRC page and make sure you set the 1st param: “CHAN” to 16.

That should do it.
From there you can refer to the Hypno MIDI docs to setup the individual CC params which are on the FLT and AMP pages.

Good luck!

Thanks so much for this reply! I’ve done everything you’re doing, but haven’t gotten any luck :confused:


Anyone else happen to come across this yet?