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Just wondering if anyone has used Melted Electronics Strange Loop. Just got one and trying to confirm if it’s possible to run usb laptop straight to usb strange loop to use youtube to play back video. The manual says flash drive with stored clips or composite feed, but no word as to if just any usb input will work. Cheers!

Don’t know the device but if it takes composite in then it’s just a dongle dance away from what you’re after.

HDMI out of laptop, displaying your screen, into HDMI to composite converter, composite cable into the device.

The laptop and this device are both usb hosts, so they probably won’t be able to ‘talk’ directly to each other. You usually need host/device pairs for usb to work.

So to go from the laptop to the Strange Loop you will need a way to convert the laptops output to composite video like Syntheist has said.

Please check out the content/comments here:

You can get various devices to convert the laptop output and then feed it back into the hypno using a “UVC complaint” capture device. Starter sets of mine were from Adafruit:

My biggest thing is I would try different capture devices, because you are essentially pulling the video out of specification I have found some devices to work better than others at capturing signals after doing this.

Also don’t be surprised about delay. When you start processing video from your laptop, to a converter, into the hypno, then back out to possibly another converter or capture device. You will have delay due to processing and the Hypnos frame rate.

In home theater setups you can delay audio to try and sync it but I personally have not sat down and played with that I have never had a need to do so. Plus the frame rate/delay in a long chain might not be that enjoyable.

Also, I personally have used things like 1980s Proc Amps, Freedom Enterprises Mismatcher series of devices, and other things like:

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Just a fair warning that you might develop a case of GAS (Gear Acquisition Syndrome) :stuck_out_tongue: .

So far my Hpyno has brought me nothing but joy and I hope this helps you do the same!

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