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I started a new post since I wanted a place to share non-usb related gear that I use with the Hypno.
I will keep posting things that I have used and please feel free to share what you use too!


Infocus LP70 DLP projector

They can be found surplus (EOL 04) very cheaply, 1,100 lumens, output is a perfect XGA (1024x768) and as far as projectors go it’s footprint is tiny, roughly 8x6. It uses an M1 style DVI port so you can get an HDMI-M1 (monoprice) adapter and use it as an HDMI capable projector.

I love it that it is small enough to toss in my backpack and take it with the Hypno on road trips.


One of my favorite pieces of gear is the Vidicraft Vidimate VDM200. It is a 2x4 NTSC Proc Amp & Detailer. It’s been a great tool to tweak & glitch the Hypno output.


It’s been about a year or so since I picked up this Core2 Quad, Windows XP Tricaster TC350 on the super cheap since it said it was DOA. Lucky for me after cracking the case on this Video Toaster I found a screw had been dropped into the power supply. Now it boots and looks like it was maybe only used just once.

I need to find a good method for cloning the drive since I would hate to brick it and not have a backup to fall on.



Another super cheap video score is the 3D Video Wizard.

This device takes an HDMI source and encodes an Amber/Blue anaglyph effect to the edges in the video. The quality is exactly what you expect when viewing an anaglyph as it adds some depth, but funks up the color and dims it a bit.

But it’s still interesting using it with the Hypno’s output:

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I took the source drive out of the Tricaster and cloned it to a 500GB drive using Clonezilla while also adding a second 500GB scratch disk.

Clonezilla is my goto tool for making backups, upgrades and restoring old gear.