Limited control after booting up DIY hypno (Resolved)

I boot up my DIY rasberry Pi 4 hypno and I get an OS screen similar to this Hypno boot issue (hypno login). After around 30 seconds on a screen like this the hypno boots up but I have no control/limited control. The limited control seemed just to be selecting between shapes in the hypno and color hue at random times.

Headers are lined up, and I have not re flashed the micro SD yet.

Also at some point when putting the face plate on the Pi I lost some amount of the tactile sensation of the middle button while the other two are in tact.

Lastly, the micro USB above the USB port is not flush with the side of the case.

I know this is all over the place, but any suggestion would be appreciated.

EDIT, further clarification. The Right button has a blue led on, top button with a yellow led on, and right button with a green led on. These do not cycle when pressed.

Also upon boot up, an image is only displayed if a monitor is connected, if connected after the image will not transfer.

Lastly, the very first second of the bootup a rainbow color gradient is displayed on the screen.

After the same startup screen user, Burntnova was experiencing I was able to gain control of the Hypnom, as I am very new it felt like everything it was capable of but I’m not 100% sure at this point. This came after re seating and snapping the raspberry back down into the enclosure.

I also had trouble trying to get the pi as I was going to reflash the micro SD but didn’t want to damage the unit. If reflashing may be a good way to get the OS screen not to pop up on startup, what would be a good way to get the pi/SD out without damaging the PI or case?

Warmest Regards to all

Not sure if this will help but after troubleshooting my issue, we determined it was the resolution of the monitor I was plugging into. It was non standard resolution.

Since I changed the display/monitor, the issue has not returned.

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Hey I had read through yours and mine is able to boot up and produce an image that looks to have been generated by a hypno, but I have very limited control.

Also the buttons don’t do anything as far as changing color wise or being able to save presets.

Thank you for your input

Sounds like your Hypno is booting just fine, it is supposed to show scrolling console text then eventually the engine. You have described in detail the correct bootup process. (rainbow screen, scrolling text then Hypno engine).

There is no micro usb on the Hypno kit, nor is it supposed to be flush with the side of the case, I assume you mean the USB-C port which is inset to allow clearing the rail on a Eurorack (expander board for this is coming soon, this was originally supposed to be part of the kit pcb but the stock for the power module that allows euro power is VERY spotty so we have had to source from some non standard suppliers and will be assembling the eurorack expanders in house).

Also at some point when putting the face plate on the Pi I lost some amount of the tactile sensation of the middle button while the other two are in tact.

Please see the assembly guide there are are instructions that help resolve this, this generally happens when the panel is misaligned in its plane or the pot nuts are overtightened. Just a minor mechanical issue.

what would be a good way to get the pi/SD out without damaging the PI or case?

Grab the case by its sides and separate the top pcb assembly by pulling on the knobs, the header will separate and you should be able to get inside, just pull straight up away from the case.

I have actually redesigned the case a bit since this release based on feedback that will be the primary case after we run out of stock of the old ones. the old ones work fine but because they are closely snap fit a few customers where having issues with the assembly process. So if you break yours @Jettmeat just email us at and we will send you a new one no prob.

Hey, Sleepy Ron thank you for the timely and informative response! I’m guessing the header seating wasn’t allowing for control on my first few times booting the Hypno.

Yes, I did mean the USB-C connected to the Hypnos PCB.

I had regained the tactile feeling in the buttons after the reseating. There was definitely some pushing and shoving I was scared of doing due to my inexperience with electronics and PCBs overall. After some elbow grease, I got everything in place, and it ended up working.

Thank you for the support and I look forward to making some Hypno Jams. Also, I plan to use this to test large-scale LED walls through my work and I will post those in the forum soon!!

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Ah great glad you where able to get that resolved! Looking forward to your post in → Post Your Hypno Jams! :smiley:

I had a few misfires before I got the header to line up perfectly…
I had to hack the case so I could see , this slits were to close together ,my eyes site isn’t great even with my glasses and a torch … my pi doesn’t snap onto the pins just a tiny bit out …