Post Your Hypno Jams!

Heres a short clip i did with hypno and my Serge modular system. Also some added visuals in Isadora. Hard to tell, but I had some CV coming out of the Serge modulating inputs on the Hypno. I’ll definitely need to sort out a way to attenuate the CV going into Hypno from the Serge, as the voltage cause not to subtle changes.


Lookin good! :+1:

Never heard of this Isadora, what is that for exactly? Lookin like some mirrored shadows in this piece, the website is a bit unclear…

Ironically, I stumbled onto Isadora while looking into ways to use Hypno :slight_smile: its a “simple node-based video processing software. It can be used for everything from projection mapping, generative graphics, to interactive installations.”

Great resource here:

Isadora Video Tutorials

Here’s a short jam using my guitar and Make Noise Morphagene to modulate the visuals on the Hypno. The CV Out/envelope follower on the Morphagene is patched in to the frequency CV of one of the video oscillators.


very nice! are you recording using OBS?

Thanks! Yeah it’s an obs setup

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Here are some links to Sleepstream 3 preformances that utilized Hypno!

ThisMachineInMe (@thismachineinme):

Astrogenic Hallucinauting (@spike) :

EDIT: 3 not 4!


did you mean Sleepstream 3 or did we jump into the future Sleepstream already?

i’m living in a time dilation due to The Plague.

Thanks again so much for having me and for posting these!!!

Yes 3! lol plague got my brain.

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These are beautiful!




Edited together some of my favorite recent patches. I have one of the December Hypnos with the stutter issue, but I’m making due until the bug fix is released. Loving it so far!


This jam features my remix to a Post Malone Song, and uses a VJ software to input video into my Hypno. I am able to get the tempo of the song with a device called a clock trigger by Michael Rucci. The clock trigger has an audio input and generates a clock to the beat of the music. With this clock I am clocking my LFOs and that is how I am able to have the visuals go with the music.


@gnomedrone OBS is a perfect way to record the hypno. I use a digital video converter, and feed it to another computer. In OBS I have my output resolution to 1920x1080 at 60fps. This resolution will full screen the video for YouTube.

Great example of the Hypno video input being used with Memory Palace as a source in these live visuals I performed for Hat Brackets live set at Resonant Frequencies 31 (

@SleepyBrian @SleepyRon this forum could use a category for sharing visual work please


Beautiful stuff! Thanks for sharing! Will add that category!


Here is one! Gotta love the simplicity of black, white and noise.