How to use iOS with Hypno

Mobile devices are becoming increasingly useful in the context of video art as developers create unique visual applications, especially for iOS. These range from simple video playback apps to complex visual generators. Our video guide will walk you through all the steps necessary to connect your iPad or iPhone to Hypno, and show you some cool apps to use with it. We recommend reading the UVC Video Input Setup and Troubleshooting Guide before proceeding.

Items needed:

Please see our List of USB Accessories that work with Hypno forum post for alternatives.

Fun iOS Apps:

Please be aware that apps which stream copyrighted material, like HBOMax or Netflix, will likely not work with generic HDMI capture devices due to copy protections in place.


Great idea! Going to add my iPad Pro to the rig with Hypno. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :metal:

Can we have a dongle challenge? This is the minimum amount of dongles for this setup, but what about the maximum amount of dongles to do this setup? :crazy_face: :+1:


Love it so much! :smile:

I’ve connected all the dongles and when I plug the usb to micro usb into Hypno the light on oscillator 1 light turns turquoise but no video signal from my iPhone. Any idea what’s going wrong? The only thing I can think of is that the HDMI cable is too long? I think it’s 4 feet.

Can you describe your setup exactly? Are you using the official Apple dongle?

A Apple MFi Certified lightning to HDMI adapter to HDMI cable to HDMI to USB 2 capture card to female USB to micro USB into Hypno

Sounds like you got the setup right, and Hypno is seeing a video device connected. I would test each component in the signal chain to make sure it’s outputting correctly. So, connect your iPhone to a TV with the same dongle and HDMI cable, and make sure you can get some output that way. If that works, try connecting your capture device to a computer and monitor the output in a capture program (like OBS) to verify the functionality of that piece.

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I’ve had the HDMI cable and the capture card connected from the HDMI output of Hypno to my computer and that worked. I’ll try connecting my iPhone to the Apple adapter to the HDMI cable to my TV and see if that works.

I picked up an actual Apple HDMI adapter and that solved the problem. Thanks for your help. Much appreciated.

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Ah yes, we always recommend the official Apple HDMI dongle. Third party adapters are known to give issues.