CV Jitter & Knob Jumping on 2.0.6 (Knobs pickup position after leaving page)

Hi all,

Mine arrived today. So far I’m absolutely stunned by the complexity and beauty it can achieve! Really helpful and clear paper manual! Thank you.

I have been going over its functions over the past hours. I’ve noticed the following behaviour.
When I leave a shape/feedback page, having moved the knobs, the main interfaces parameters seem to jump. As if they are picking up the position that was set in a page.

Is this a bug or a feature? Is/will there be a way to override that behaviour?

Thank you for this amazing module, can’t wait to start incorporating it in my patches <3

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Hi! Welcome!

Thanks for posting this, there was already discussion about this issue and I think this puts it concisely. I’m trying to figure out exactly why this happens on some released units and not on my dev unit.

Edit: Please use this thread for this issue now for organization reasons.


OK I believe I now have enough info to really get to the bottom of this problem, thanks to everyone on various threads who submitted examples.

Long story short, some of the release unit CVs are slightly noisier than my dev units due to new manufacturer (hardware yay!), This is why the old deadzones/UI parameters for the pages are too small and cause parameter jumping, so these will need to be re evaluated. This is also why some people reported jittering in the CVs.

I am confident this will be fixable via software since the current cv smoothing/polling algorithms are quite simplistic and this issue revealed some issues in the way the code is organized. I will be tackling this issue in the coming weeks so please sit tight, Ill do my best to get a patch out asap with fixes for this issue and some further UI polish.


That’s great news! Thank you for the update. I’m so happy that you are getting some good feedback to get a fix out. I am new to this and I thought I was doing something wrong. Thank all of you on the forum for sharing your experiences. I am learning so much.

Just want to add that I’m having some jitter on my new unit as well.
Here’s the init patch - seems like jitter on both A and B oscillators rotation control.

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Not to be an annoyance but thought I’d let it be known that I’m having a similar experience. I’ve been having a blast with this brilliant device! Glad to know there is a fix in the works for the twitching/jumping issue. Attached is a video of an example from my unit (unlisted). (updated video to better demonstrate twitching effect)

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Thanks for your input, @csselement

FYI I’m working on this actively and its my current top priority to get this resolved ASAP.

Latest scoop is that the CV jitter problem seems to be effecting a fraction of units in this Dec 2020 batch because of manufacturing inconsistencies with the power circuitry.

The other “knob jumping” sub issue is from this jitter triggering page navigation thresholds making the UI a lot harder (if not impossible on some particularly bad units) to use.

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I’ve also noticed some settings will jump a few seconds after returning to the main page, after changing something on a page. Like suddenly the osc slider setting on main page jumps after adjusting scroll on the shape page, and you have video all zoomed out, etc. Sorry can’t recall exactly which for everything now, but it will happen consistently if you just try changing a video input shape page setting, or video input settings page setting. Thank you for the updates about an upcoming fix, looking forward to smoother sailing in the future. I have a June 2020 batch unit, is it possible it could have hardware build issues too? :blush:

Actually I will be making the frequencies have a catch like you suggested, the sliders have LEDs anyway so its very clear when they are not in their real position (led is off)

So it should be very reliable regardless

Overall I’m revamping the window system a bit and re doing the paging thresholds to be more aggressive and I’m guessing most of your issues are from this.

@Dr_Rek if next update does not fix your issues we will explore the possibility of a hardware issue,

but its unlikely, the problem is with the Dec 2020 Batch. I will explain more when I have a more solid gameplan for dealing with this mess


Also noting that I’ve had this same issue with my Hypno (also got it in December) and looking forward to the fix! Another issue that hasn’t been brought up but might be related is problems with the NDI output via the front panel USB. Hypno is not being detected as an NDI source when I plug it into my laptop. I’m familiar with NDI, and have tried multiple NDI programs to try to recognize the Hypno (OBS, NDI Studio Monitor, vMix) but nothing picks it up as a source. My computer recognized it as a network device when I first plugged it in. Any troubleshooting suggestions?

Please use the main thread about Using Hypno with OBS

There may be a solution on there for you. If not, please post more details about your setup on that thread and we will help out.

An update on this issue;

First some background:

The Dec 2020 batch of Hypnos was assembled and tested by a Contract Manufacturer for Sleepy and we where exploring how we can scale operations to make Hypno stock more stable. This had a batch of noisier power system components since they where acquired from a different source and the hired manufacturer did not make us aware of the jittering issues (I tested 10 of 100 units received from them and those did not show the issues so I was convinced the units where operating up to spec).

We will now be testing everything in house (lesson learned).

The Solution:

I will be issuing a firmware update next week that fixes navigation and paging for all units, this should make all units function much better and improve paging for everyone.

While I could solve the CV jittering issue by adding smoothing to hardware inputs this would degrade CV performance for all units so I will not be doing this.

Instead, I will be issuing a voluntary recall on the effected units (details coming next week)

I found a problem with the schematic which can be solved by replacing a single SMD resistor, so the fix is actually quite quick. A decoupling capacitor is simply out of place. This doesn’t make any difference on most units but it appears to highlight noise in outlier power circuitry now that we are manufacturing in greater quantities.

I take the blame for screwing this up and will do whatever it takes to make it right. I have also invested in hiring help with the recall so that this gets solved as quickly as possible. We will be keeping back some stock in case we identify units that are not fixable and require a unit replacement.

I am very sorry this happened and I hope this show of transparency is received well by the community.


I am so happy that you found the issue and that you are working to resolve it. Thank you very much. I am happy that you and your company stand behind the products you make!


Here is the official info on the recall: Voluntary Recall on Noisy Hypno Units ( Dec 2020 )

Please direct all your comments to that thread as necessary.