Andor 1 and hypno

Hey there, thinking about getting a hypno soon and I’m curious if something like the andor 1 media player from lzx would work for getting video into the hypno? It outputs hdmi or composite and I was wondering if the hdmi output was ran into a capture card or something else and into the hypno if it would work? Just a thought that i figured id see if people more well versed in this had any thoughts on.

Thanks in advance for any help!

It should work fine with the USB OTG + HDMI capture dongles mentioned here. I have tested with iPad, Android, other Raspberry Pi, and PC HDMI inputs just fine. Also composite video through an HDMI converter like this works fine. I don’t recommend the little square plastic “AV2HDMI” ones.

You could get an Andor 1, but keep in mind, as of Hypno Firmware 2.2, Hypno can playback and process videos loaded to a USB stick.

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Awesome I’ll just go the usb route @SleepyBrian is it possible to use custom coded glsl shaders with it ? I’m working on learning how to code them and was just curious.

Not running directly on Hypno but I recommend recording the shader in shadertoy on the laptop and converting to mp4 via handbrake to place on usb. I do this often and it works great!

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r_e_c_u_r is an open source app for RPi that will allow you to run custom shaders. You could pipe that into Hypno with the aforementioned HDMI capture dongle