Your Favorite Hypno Patch!

Use this thread to share tips tricks and common patches you like to do with Hypno!

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The most obvious and very powerful thing to do imho is plug in a synth’s Amplitude envelope into Hypno’s gain. I also like to do this with envelope followers on the main mix such as the instrument interface from befaco.

You can actually see RMR do this kind of patching toward the end of this vid (Using Hydrasynth’s Amplitude Envelope)


If you just want to go insane and plug as many CVs into Hypno’s engine as possible A more advanced patch I like to do is using VCMC to effect deeper controls in the engine with a step sequence such as feedback offset (so you get a different fractal at each step).

Or really anything else on this midi chart, pretty much everything becomes modulatable.

@Cowboy maybe you could offer up your favorites? (as far as I’m aware you have gone the furthest with Hypno’s midi capability so far)

The setup is described here:

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I was just explaining this to someone on my Twitch stream today. I made a highlight clip of it:

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Awesome thanks for that walkthrough, would love to hear more what its like to compose with the Hermod and Hypno.

I guess you’re not using VCMC anymore? TBH I don’t really use it much because it a bit too much hp in my rack for my tastes.

When I figured out that Hermod has MIDI LFOs, I stopped using VCMC. Hermod seems to only be able to modulate 3 different CC values per track with LFOs, which is pretty limiting, but that’s enough for me to be able to modulate Color and Master Gain.

And since Hermod is a sequencer, I can easily record preset changes and sync them to the beat/bar. I don’t do this often, but I want to experiment with it more!

I’m happy to do an AMA stream sometime where I walk through all of it.

OH cool yeah that could be awesome! @Simon may have some questions. Def let me know if you do decide to do that we can blast it out via the sleepy IG/host on twitch etc.

All cool suggestions, not 100% clear on how to operate the midi cc changes, but I might study some of that this weekend. Most of my entertainment has been kicking the amp with envelopes or sending saw wave lfo’s to the zoom in/out. I’ve also patched a divkid øchd until the Hypno was full and that gave quit crazy outcomes. I find it gets wild pretty easy, keeping it sort of controlled is where the learning for me is at.

Nice :slight_smile: Make sure to check out the Quick Demo Video above for a quick description.

Note you will need a micro usb to female USB-A adapter like this one to plug in USB MIDI devices. (Feel free to shop around for a cheaper one this was just the first one I could find)

Is there a way I can let my digitone via midi control the Hypno?

Yep, same deal, just plug in the USB as described above and Hypno will respond to MIDI according to the chart.

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