Video Input - Hypno 2.0 Firmware

You can find the update and directions on how to update HERE


  • Video Input Functionality
    • New page of controls for Video input settings including cropping, aspect ratio correction and lumakeying
  • New Refrence Manual with Video Input Info and Cheat Sheets for All pages
  • Corrected aspect ratio for polarization
  • Updated MIDI Charts & Mapping for clarity

The new update is compatible with UVC compliant, USB 2.0, MJPEG compressed output webcams and capture cards connected through Hypno’s front Micro USB port.


Is there any way for video input to work at the same time as MIDI input? Because I’d love to be able to use both at the same time!

Effectively no unfortunately :frowning:

You could use a hub but this will introduce glitching into the video feed due to the usb having to be multiplexed.

This is a hardware limitation of the Broadcom processor Hypno runs on ( it only has one USB 2.0 Physical Layer available)

There’s a bit of glitching with just a plain old Logitech USB webcam plugged in. Is that expected?

Also, if you have a lot of presets, beware! The update will erase all of them.

I really like that the update fixes the HDMI output aspect ratio, so I no longer need to compensate for that in OBS and I can connect Hypno directly to an HDMI screen or projector, and it looks great.

After fooling with the new update a bit, I started making new presets, and noticed a few things that seem different with the new update:

  1. The default preset seems to have some fb zoom / rotation / modulation / x or y offset applied, which means i need to explicitly disable it every time i create a new preset from the default. Can the default preset not include any fb?
  2. It seems harder to disable fb (by tweaking zoom / rotation / modulation / x or y) than before. Has anything changed there?
  3. Has the fractal amount control changed? At the very max setting, I’m now seeing a REALLY cool symmetrical effect that I don’t remember seeing before. Is this new, or am I going crazy? I’ve gotten some nice hexagonal and rectangular shapes out of it. Can you add more fractal settings that have symmetry around the origin?
  4. Hypno now shows the Linux console on boot
  5. I only tried the video input feature for a minute, but I was unable to just view the input without some kind of mangling / folding / mirroring. What settings are required to just show the video as-input like in the video in the OP?

And an issue that has existed for a while and still exists:

  1. When holding down either Page A or B and adjusting that page’s Drift slider, both the Drift and Frequency are changed. Can it just change the Drift?

The engine hasn’t changed at all aside from the addition of the video input features and the aspect ratio compensation.

I have chosen to leave the console messages this time so it’s clearer when Hypno is loading. Let me know if this is an issue for you it can be disabled in the future if necessary.

I will consider adding more mirroring modes but adding any more mirror axes makes the patterns overly complex and noisy in practice.

There isn’t a “default” preset as far as I’m aware aside from the the boot state, do you mean the feedback is active/misaligned on boot? I am unable to reproduce this.

Likewise the drift/frequency thing you’re reporting, mine seems to work fine, is it because the frequency changes on release of the button and there isn’t enough dead zone on the return? Or is it just always continuously changing frequency with drift?

To get the “default” video is thesame as getting a “default” shape such as a single square. You have to turn everything down (mirroring, polarization, frequency etc.) and leave the hues alone with the original feed ( in the shapes’ page this is hue knob all the way to the left and saturation 3/4 of the way up)

Not sure about the Logitech bc I don’t have any of their cameras to test but it works fine with my cheapo webcam modules. (I like to hold them up with a bendy phone holder, which ends up being more useful for me than most Logitech cam designs with their mounting and extra microphones I don’t want to pay for)

I’ve seen some people reporting glitchyness with certain Logitech cameras on the Pi platform before though, so it may just be a driver or port speed issue of some sort. Sometimes the driver settings may need to be tuned to camera, so if it’s crucial for you send me details about your camera and I can see about getting the hardware to test.

UVC devices that are made for USB 2.0 with support for MJPEG compression work best.

The console messages don’t bother me at all, I only mention it because it had changed!

Regarding seeing feedback in the boot state, what I mean by “default preset” is after I update the firmware and select a preset via MIDI note without having explicitly saved a preset at that note, it recalls something that looks like the default boot state. For whatever reason, when I posted that comment, both the boot state and all the default preset settings selectable via MIDI controller had some amount of feedback, but I don’t see it anymore in the boot state or default presets. I saved some presets while it was doing this, and they all still have the feedback, though. Weird.

Regarding drift/frequency, I think I know what’s happening. If I have a voltage source connected to the frequency CV input and use the slider to adjust drift, it also changes the frequency. It would be good if moving the slider when there was incoming CV only adjusted drift (but that the CV still modulated the frequency)!

nothing is really intended to be a “Default” preset, except the state Hypno is in when booting, and even then this is just the state of the panel. If you would like a “default” preset you will need to tune it in and save it yourself.

Was just able to recreate the scrolling & frequency issue, thats definitely a bug! Cant believe I didn’t catch this earlier… I will look into fixing this now but it may take me a little bit to squash as this one is quite deep inside the UI logic.

Good to know about the default. It might be nice to have a way to reset things for those of us who get too deep and can’t figure out how to get back to where we started.

For this I would suggest powering on the unit and saving a preset immediately and treating that as your “default”

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Yep, makes sense!

Well, I’m glad you can reproduce it. Thanks!

Do I need to flash both the NTSC and the PAL files?

This is based on your region and decides if the composite output is PAL or NTSC, otherwise the files are identical and you only need to flash one.

If you don’t use the composite output feel free to ignore this and flash either one, HDMI is unaffected.

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Any advice for streaming video directly from a PC HDMI port? I am using Win10 and Hypno keeps crashing when I press the left side/now-blue video input channel button. I was hoping to put YouTube through it.

I really like seeing the Linux boot messages btw, it is helpful to see where Hypno is in booting up.

@SleepyBrian usually has his pc hdmi going into Hypno maybe he will have some tips.

You have experienced the Hypno crash? Hypno returns to command line? I have not seen this happen. Could you please list the steps needed to recreate this crash so I can investigate?

I use my Mac to send video to the Hypno all the time and have never seen this issue. I doubt it has anything to do with the computer unless it is an anti-piracy thing. @significantsplort – What capture card do you use?

@SleepyBrian I’m using a Goodan HDMI Video Capture card I got off Amazon, basically exactly what’s depicted in the manual video.

Honestly all I’m doing is using my MSI GE63’s built in HDMI out, sending that to the Goodan HDMI capture card, and then that’s going to the recommended Ugreen USB A-microUSB adapter and into Hypno. The video source itself has been from YouTube, so no obvious software wires getting crossed.

This update has been suuuper crashy for me with both Mac and PC HDMI outs as video sources, but will flatly not work at all with Windows for me. Mac works but Hypno crashes on startup with the video device plugged in. It will still crash often if plugged in while Hypno is already up and running, but sometimes not immediately and only occasionally not at all.

I was wondering if the computers trying to use Hypno as sort of an external monitor could be causing issues.