USB thumb drive formats

I’ve spent the weekend fussing with USB thumb drives and have a little info to share re formats.

The only format I’ve been able to get to work has been MS-DOS(FAT) formatted on a mac. I’ve had numerous drives formatted FAT32 out of the box that weren’t recognized at all. I formatted some using ExFAT on a mac and these displayed a weird behavior where the Hypno would recognize them for about 5 seconds and then stop recognizing them. I tried ExFAT formatted on a PC and these were not recognized at all.

Hope this helps someone.

Hey! Welcome to the forum, all of the drive issues are being discussed in: Hypno 2.2.3-Release - #35 by SleepyRon

Current solution that I am working on an onboard USB formatting feature on the Hypno itself to make sure the drives are formatting according to what it likes.

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I’m curious if this is also my issue as well.
I’m assuming I have the newest firmware because a pre-fab version was just sent to me in the last month.

-My thumb drive is formatted fat32 (32 gigs per recommendation)
-The video files are less than 1min and downscaled to 720x480.
-When I press the two buttons left/middle and rotate the knobs I do not see the teal mode that is referred to on videos. The long press of both buttons just gives me white LED circles.
-When I turn on help mode, I just see ‘file A’ and ‘source A’

  • I have also tried downloading the free packs (city birds, muteefx, sergey khachatrian - moire please) to verify that it’s not my files. Nothing shows up for those either.

Questions I have:

  1. Is there any user feedback that let’s me know there is an error in file format or does it just not work? Would it still show the video or the jpeg but cropped or does it just not show anything?
  2. Is there a chance that the teal mode is really the sky blue mode? I don’t see anything with this mode but just making sure there is actually a differentiation between those colors vs. maybe an interpretation that that blue is really teal.

Thanks for help.

Hey @plumcharlie, welcome to the forum!

Yes by teal we mean the blue mode, perhaps more accurate would be to call it cyan shape since there isn’t much green in there.

If the video doesn’t work this usually shows up as a jumbled frame or a black screen while in cyan mode. Sometimes the cyan shape will not show up at all in the shapes when tapping through the different shapes.

I like this idea to have some sort of error detection/screen for this, I will try to make that happen and prompt the user to format from there in the next patch.

Ive been away from office for a couple of weeks but I will be returning this week so hoping to deliver the builtin formatting function soon, I have to rewrite (the currently hacky) text rendering in the backend and that opened a can of worms in the background so its taking a while.

Ahhh, ok. What do you suggest if it doesn’t appear to be reading the files? Is there something that I should try? I don’t think it’s the formatting because it also doesn’t read the files I downloaded from the community packs. Nothing appears to change on the screen. It stays with the existing shapes and oscillators.