"Unfit Signal" received by Roland V-1HD

I’m trying to run my hypno into a Roland V1HD save I know other users have done so. My mixer returns a blue screen when an “unfit Signal” is received but I’m not sure what I can do to fix.

The boot screen shows up in my preview monitor but then it’s blue screen, no matter which input or cables I use.

I can’t seem to find any mention of the Hypno’s native framerate but the Roland only offers 50 or 59.94.

Any ideas?

I’m not as familiar with that mixer, but in the past, setting the input setting to ‘auto’ has helped some of our users with those Roland HD mixers.

This sounds as the same issue here: Hypno stuck outputting 720x480 split screen to 4K portable monitor - #7 by jacobroufa

Doing some digging, it looks like there’s an option in the setup menu (accessed by pressing and holding the [(TAP) BPM] button for 2 seconds or longer), where you can set the unfit signal to be passed through the mixer without seeing the blue screen. It may introduce some noisy artifacts into the video though. See the appendices on page 34 of the owners manual for more info.

I did try that. The signal was black with a few glitches here and there. In no way did it resemble the input signal.

Hoping somebody in here has one working and can speak to it. Seems like I may need to roll back to a previous firmware.

maybe… the backend changed along the way to have both pi3/4 work with the more cross compatible SDL vs the old dispmanx or mesa stack since maintaining the two backends was getting time intensive. This may be something that has introduced a resolution mode mismatch.

you can also try to force a resolution on your pi to the smallest one supported by V1-HD (the spec page lists 720/59.94p,720/50p), see: Raspberry Pi Documentation - The config.txt file