Some feature requests

Loving my hypno. Some features I would love to see in future firmware releases:

  1. presets JSON formatted for easier reading and hand editing
  2. ability to save more than 3 presets (6 with USB)
  3. ability to save screenshots/recordings on USB stick
  4. ability to edit CV input mappings.
  5. ability to change the amount/length of smoothing on parameter change
  6. a setting to remove the jaggies on a lot of the feedback settings
  7. make shapes selectable with different CV voltages, not just trigger to step through them. I would love to be able to switch between multiple shapes without needing to step through all of them.
  8. would love to have master hue be CV controllable
  9. ability to change the mappings of the knobs/sliders on the front panel

Hey! there is an official thread for feature requests here: Hypno Ideas/Feedback

It would be helpful if you could keep the suggestions there so I have one place to look at all of them when jumping into development.

  1. is possible with midi 3. is nice, I like, would take some serious dev time 6. could use a screenshot 7. is impossible hardware wise

CV mapping stuff is something I have considered quite a bit but have not been able to place into the UI logically yet, for now i would say MIDI is the way to go if you want more hands on control.

Closing this for now, don’t mean to offend, I just would like to keep feedback in one place in the thread linked above <3