Hypno Ideas/Feedback

  • What can be better in the engine?
  • What frustrates/confuses you about the UI?
  • What is a setup where you wish you could use Hypno?
  • Is there a setting missing in the Hypno?
  • A deadzone in the possibility space?
  • What do you wish was easier?


Can the physical controls on Hypno work as offsets for incoming MIDI CC messages? Right now, if I have an LFO slowly sweeping CC4 from 0 to 127 and back again, I see the Master Gain changing, but the physical knob is basically useless at that point. When I turn the knob, it’s as if Hypno sets the Master Gain to the absolute value of where I turned the knob, which is then immediately reset back to the next CC4 value as soon as it’s received. It would be much nicer if the knob did something meaningful when there’s CC4 input, like set values relative to the last (and any future) CC4 values, effectively working as an offset. The same goes for all the knobs, really.

Also, I have some ideas for a few more “note on” controls like the existing Shape Toggles:

  1. A note on that can recall a preset (so, if there are 3 presets, that’d be 3 notes. Can there be more than 3 presets? Because that’d be siiiick)

  2. Similarly, the same note on that recalls a preset could save a preset, if the note on was followed by a note off after a certain amount of time had passed (just like holding down a preset button on the Hypno itself)

  3. A note on that inverts the Master Gain value (multiply it by -1) to effectively invert the video. I’m doing this right now with a square wave LFO (and it looks SO cool), but it’s super awkward.

  4. Any of the drift or self-mod controls could also benefit from “inversion” toggles!

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Yep that’s an excellent point, the main panel controls certainly could act as offsets to the CCs that would make sense.

I would guess this is probably not necessary inside the pages as the saved knob positions might get a little confusing with CCs involved and its easier to just assume the cc as the hardware breakout of the control.

Note Ons:
Preset recall and saving could go on the keyboard, but perhaps a better solution would be to simply have note ons that skip to the target shape/feedback mode?

Assuming your midi controller is something like an elektron it would be easier to keep track of the states on the midi side. But, I suppose with preset saving keys you could easily use something like a launchpad for preset recall.

Inverts could be fun but I don’t really want to add new functionality on the midi end that’s kinda cryptic imho

Sure BUT maybe you can reserve one or two octaves of note ons as an experimentation area and just put this in there with a note “this might get wacky” and see what happens. Because I was experimenting with it, and it’s super cool! Like, I’m imagining that on every 8 beats I can trigger inverting the master gain along with some of the drift settings, and it would look dope af.

OR (and this would be slightly more complex on my end, but I could do it) instead of “latching” the toggle, just invert it on the note on and set it back on the note off, so it would be momentary, and thus no state to manage. Either you’re holding down the note (inverted) or not.

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Good idea! Both! :smiley: :smiley:

I would definitely prefer to have either one or the other and keep it simple to explain/use.

Im warming up to the idea of being able to plug in a launch pad and have an instant clip selector :thinking:

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What would this look like in terms of functionality?

In thinking just tap to recall and hold to save on all the whole note midi note on/offs

Which would leave the black keys open for shape toggles or whatever

Are you thinking of setting each control to a specific note, eg. C3, instead of all C (regardless of octave)? It would make the system way more flexible (leaving room for many more than just 12 note-based actions), and I’d imagine that most controllers someone might use to control Hypno would be able to map their controls to arbitrary notes.

Either way, I love the idea of having tap to recall + hold to save for presets, as well as shape toggles. (And inversion toggles / momentary toggles too) :smiley:

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I did an hour long set last night, and Hypno was the star of the show… BUT having only 3 presets was a bit limiting. If you gave me the ability to recall entire presets or groupings of settings via MIDI, I could easily see myself using a dozen of them in a 60-90 minute show. Remember that I’m creating all the music at the same time that I’m doing the video, so I can only devote so much focus to Hypno. :joy:


No. You must dedicate all your time and attention to Hypno.

JK yeah I agree, gonna make this happen as I dig into the MIDI functionality, sorry I’ve been kinda busy with the release so haven’t had as much time for dev lately.

BUT, I just got that VCMC in the mail so you best believe those buttons are gonna turn into preset buttons real soon.


I’d like there to be soft keying available for the gain/feedback. Would look really good.

Different blending modes for the shape colors are a big desire of mine too. The easily get washed out when shapes overlap.

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An idea: scrolling modulation should scale with the shape frequency. When the frequency goes up, the scrolling slows down and there’s no way to get it to be as fast as when I’m using a lower frequency.

Frequency scaling: I’ll check on this, I thought I eliminated this problem before.

Just for posterity: 1.7 firmware now includes a whole lot more presets/slots accessible with MIDI.

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Oh another thing, when the unit is running in a 16:9 resolution like 720p, the polarization is ovoid instead of circular. Not a huge deal but circular polarization when using 16:9 would be nice.

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That would be nice! The way I solve this is to pull Hypno’s 16:9 HDMI output into OBS Studio, stretch it vertically to 1:1, and then crop it back to 16:9 so everything is circular. It would be awesome if Hypno could do this natively.

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I haven’t heard anything new and exciting for a while, so it’s feature request time!

Can you expose some way for custom shapes and feedback modes to be added? I don’t know how they’re implemented internally, but it seems like there’s a huge opportunity here for customization. Like, for shapes, I’d love to see stars or geometric shapes, where mirroring / fractaling could be used to change the number of points / sides. Or maybe there’s a way to read in a custom shape SVG (like a heart, smiley face, or custom logo) from a folder on the micro SD card? For feedback modes, I’m not sure, but I’d love to have an opportunity to write and share custom code!

Also, like I’ve said elsewhere, I really would like the knobs to turn into offsets when CV/MIDI data is received, because right now, it’s either one or the other. Either you use the knob, or you use CV/MIDI. But trying to use both just doesn’t seem fun to me.



Aspect ratio correction is already implemented in a future patch.

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I will consider the offsets but for now this feature isn’t high priority and offsets can be implemented trivially in a midi device.

Custom shapes are coming but not in the way you might expect :wink:

BTW You are always able to easily implement and share custom code with Shadertoy which does not require loading Hypno with anything. I believe for now this is the best and most user friendly solution. Starter code of doing stuff like this is in the Shadertoy thread.

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