Problems with latency and stepped response to LFOs

I preorderd an assembled unit during the second round, and received my Hypno a couple weeks ago. So, from the start i’ve noticed a bit of latency with response from something as simple as turning a knob. Responses to gates changing shapes also has a noticeable lag. But the biggest problem I’m having with Hypno so far is the stepped response to input from slow LFOs and envelopes instead of nice smooth motion. This is absolutely ruining the experience for me and makes this useless as something I use to sync visuals with my eurorack performances. I’m on the latest firmware. Did I get a bad unit? Is this the expected response?

Any help is appreciated. TY.

Hey there! Welcome to the forum.

If you are getting lag across the board then it is likely your monitor is introducing it, what is your monitor you are using for Hypno? if it is a tv setting it to gaming or fast mode is recommended, sometimes 4k TVs will also try to upscale the signal onboard and introduce lag because of this.

There shouldn’t be any lag on the knobs, there is however a subtle intentional slew applied to knobs to smooth out movements and avoid some hand jerkiness transferring onscreen, its also possible that you are particularly sensitive to this?

gates should be very responsive, are the onboard led’s also slow to change or just the visual onscreen? (if its the latter please check your monitor settings as mentioned above)

CVs are steppy when very slow due to the resolution of the ADC onboard Hypno, for super slow modulations we recommend using the built in modulations because those have a significantly higher resolution due to being digital and internal.

We have a number of users using CV to sync with Eurorack to great effect so it shouldn’t be a broken functionality.

Hopefully that helps out but if youre not satisfied with Hypno and are looking for a return (please also see our return terms) please shoot us an email at and we will figure that out.