NDI low framerates and long latency on MacOS

Hi all, just got my Hypno and have been mesmerized by the beautiful images I’ve been able to generate. I was primarily excited to use this via the NDI output directly into my 2019 Macbook Pro (running OSX 10.14.6). Unfortunately, after setting it up via the instructions listed in this forum, the video from the hypno is un-usably laggy and is outputting like 10 fps. The Framerate in OBS (in the corner) says it’s running at 60 fps and using 0.8% CPU. When I view the hypno via the HDMI output, it’s much much better - so I’m assuming something this wonky with the NDI. Any hopes for troubleshooting this, or is it just a limitation of the format?



There is probably something weird with your setup, I get full frame rates in OBS on my 2015 macbook no problem.

NDI feeds over the network so please make sure no firewalls are blocking it and try out the NDI source’s options in OBS. ( there is a drop down experimental low latency mode that works very well for me)

Please also try out Newtek’s “NDI Video Monitor” from their official NDI Tools

Please use the obs thread to follow up on this so we can keep all the info in one place: Using Hypno with OBS

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