Missing Midi Functions

Hi guys, just got my DIY and have been having lots of fun. I have a decent video synth bg and love how accessible you’ve made everything. Easy to dive in and get fun results without thinking too much.

I’m trying to map everything with a midi fighter twister and have gotten most of the mapping down but there are some key functions that seem to be missing. Are these undocumented or planned for a future release?

  • Button-Patching (this would be particularly useful so I could do everything from the midi controller)
  • Everything on the Video Input Pages

Also would be pretty cool if you could use Midi Out when loading presets so the encoders would display the values of the preset when loaded.


Welcome @ebn! Glad youre enjoying your Hypno!

Those are some great suggestions thanks, for future concepts please see the discussion here: Hypno Ideas/Feedback Thread

I am planning to add mappings for video input pages in the next patch (likely coming by end of month). Edit: I just checked the mappings are already there but undocumented, I will test and supply a new chart w/ the next patch)

I am not entirely sure how to make a salient midi button patching map but I suppose a long list of toggles could be made. Otherwise I really think that part makes the most sense on the Hypno UI itself, I believe this warrants more exploration so not gonna promise anything there yet but its on my list.

Love the midi feedback idea for LEDs, unfortunately I dont have a midi controller with value feedback like that to test but I can see about acquiring one or if youre interested in joining the beta tester group we can hop on the chat and we can debug.

If you’ve got em, some links about how the twister led feedback works would also be great! My initial searches did not come up with anything useful… Does it just listen to values of the same map in reverse?

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I have a been playing with my partners new hardware called a Beat Step Pro so I can be a midi twister too. I am still trying to figure it out but I know that it has a button feature that previews the knob values . I am curious to what are you using?


I use a Faderfox EC4 for this. Product Page

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Thanks, I’ll keep my future ideas in the appropriate thread :slight_smile:

For the button patching, maybe using Note On and being able to combine 3 notes to act just like the buttons on the device? I can look at the actual hypno for the visual feedback, just trying to give myself more of a remote control.

On the midi feedback, yes, it looks like it just wants the values sent back on channel 0 (configurable in their tool).

From their docs:

Each encoder sends a CC, note, or relative encoder message depending on its configuration,
with the current value indicated on its 11 LED display. There are a variety of user configurable
display types, these are covered in the Midi Fighter Utility section of this user guide.
It is possible to sync the display value of the CC or note to the parameter it is controlling in
your software of choice. Simply map the MIDI OUT for that parameter to the same MIDI
number on channel 0.
Using the Midi Fighter Utility it is possible to remap the MIDI channel and number for each


Wow, I didn’t even know this device existed, looks super powerful. Would probably pick one up if I didn’t own my MFT

I am using this guy, it is quite versatile and seems to pair very well with the hypno

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Hey Ron! Just wanted to ask if the idea of LED feedback (for presets mainly) has got to production. I have the 2.2.3 Firmware, but at the moment LEDs on my AKAI MidiMIX do not lit up, when I use an assigned preset button. Thanks!

Hi! Thanks for your feedback, havent gotten around to working on this yet. Sounds like what people are looking for is just a simple midi echo on channel 0 which should be easy enough, I will put this in the queue as I am looking to do another patch sometime 1st half of this year.

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The Midi Fighter Twister needs to have the MIDI values echoed back on the channel it’s set to transmit to–which means MIDI channel 16 if it’s controlling a Hypno, right? This is how other apps and such handle it: transmit back on whatever channel & CC they are mapped to.

It would be really cool if Hypno also transmitted value changes due to other factors: CV inputs, knob twists, etc., but I don’t know if the MIDI subsystem is meant to interact with those other values.

While I’m thinking about MIDI, has anyone gotten one of the Bluetooth USB MIDI dongles to work with Hypno? Some of them claim to be class compliant, so they should work fine in theory.

An iPad or iPhone would make an excellent MIDI controller.

Hey. I just ordered myself a MidiFighter Twister like the OP and plan to do some mapping soon too

Does the 2.3 Manual have the full list of midi in it?
Did this ever get documented?

CC chart is in the wiki manual: Manual - Sleepy Circuits

I’m working on Mezzz’s Hypno control mode that will be released soon and that will also be a great option for expansion :slight_smile: Some of the above suggested stuff should be making it into a Hypno patch released alongside that