MIDI IN and NDI OUT via usb micro port?

Hi! Just got the Hypno and I’m loving it! The combo Hypno + touch designer is very powerful!
Is there any way to send both midi IN to Hypno and NDI video OUT of Hypno using ONLY the front micro USB port? I am setting up the Hypno to send NDI video to touchdesigner, but also would like to control the Hypno preset changes via midi (which in my understanding the only was to change between more than 3 presets is via MIDI).

Maybe some kind of USB splitter that would work? is there a possibility to have midi in from a computer on future updates? or maybe add some menu diving options to have access to more preset slots?

It might be too much to ask, but it would be awesome to provide power, midi In and NDI video out using only the front usb micro port, so I could mount it in my rack and connect to my setup using only one cable.

Thanks and very excited to incorporate this awesome device to my setup!


:wave: The post listing USB accessories details several different USB hubs which will work. The one recommended by Sleepy has power and an OTG port, and I have used it as you suggest, for both MIDI in and NDI out simultaneously. I think the only real restriction with multiple devices is you cannot have bi-directional video on the USB port due to a bandwidth limit – so no NDI out while processing a USB video source e.g. webcam or capture card.


Thanks for your reply! just to make sure I understand, to do this I would need to get this OTG USB adapter, then connect a USB hub to hypno and connect the MIDI device and the computer to the usb hub?

so it will be:

  • Computer → USB hub
  • MIDI device → USB hub
  • USB hub → Hypno

Sorry if I’m making it confusing, hope its clear

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Hey @Synthesaurio, welcome to the forum!

USB MIDI input is supported from devices like keyboards, controllers, some synths and grooveboxes, etc. Currently there isn’t any way to directly send MIDI to Hypno from another USB host device, i.e. a computer or laptop.

Some users, including myself, have had success with the OTG hub you posted above to view NDI output and send MIDI input simultaneously, however it’s important to note that you’ll likely need to use the Ethernet connection on the hub to use NDI because the hub only has USB-A ports. If your computer doesn’t have an Ethernet port then you can try connecting it to your local network’s router, assuming the computer is on that network wirelessly.

An alternative solution would be to capture one of the hardware video outputs instead of NDI, either HDMI or composite, using a decent quality capture device. This would free up the front USB port so it can be dedicated to your MIDI controller with only an OTG cable required.

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Thanks for the reply @SleepyWinston ! I have one of the newer MacBooks with only usb c ports. Do you know if a usb-c to usb-a cable would be ok? If not I guess buying one of those hubs with Ethernet port for the MacBook should work, right?

I haven’t tried this on my own so I can’t speak from experience, but Ron tells me he has used an Ethernet to USB-C cable with his Mac for NDI.

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Thanks! will have a look into this

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Hey! Reviving an old topic here… Any progress on this?

I want to use a USB hub to get MIDI from the computer, and capture card input to the Hypno.


You should be able to do NDI + sampling an Hypno w/ CM3 as mentioned above with the otg hub or hub + ethernet adapter.

For some midi you can use a generic usb din adapter(s) to send midi din from computer to Hypno. In this setup Hypno can still only be host since the single usb controller on the pi is upstream w a hub plugged in.

Capture card should work just fine in the above hubs also, just make sure to give it as much current as you can or you may get resets w the cap card depending on its power draw.

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