Mezzz + vidOS is here! (w/ video demo!)

Mezzz has started shipping and vidOS is now available for free on AppStore so go download it if you have any compatible Apple devices! (other platforms coming soon)

EDIT: The video demo is ready for your enjoyment yay!

Looking forward to seeing what yall cook up with this one!

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Attempting to use this on an Ipad Air 2. Updated to 15.8 os.
Crashes every time I open it. Have uninstalled and reinstalled, done a factory reset, etc. No success.

Tried it on a friend’s iPad 5th gen, opens up however it asks for you to press the center button on the mezzz to get started. Well I’m using a wireless Bluetooth controller while I wait for my mezzz to come in, and don’t see any cc map that counts as the center button? No idea what to do :confused:

the splash can be dismissed with a midi note for midi use, cc charts can be found here:

Ive had also another report of a crash on iOS 15 and will dig in next week, this stuff moves fast, I have been targeting iOS 17 on iPad Pro since that version enabled UVC input in the OS and therefore became a lot more appealing…

Since this is a hardware-enabled app, the store is requiring submission of a video demo for release revisions so your patience is appreciated (sleepy video demo is in editing stage and will release soon!)

Congrats on the release. Getting constant crashes on Mac OS on MacBook m1 max. Here’s the report.

Hi, I have the same problem - using a bluetooth controller, can’t dismiss the splash.
Did you figure out how to dismiss it with a midi note?

I got mine working, the Bluetooth was connected but I didn’t try a key. That got me in.
My Midi controls are set to channel 16 I believe. Using a korg nanokeys.

This is on a ipad 7th gen, using the korg usb ble app to pajr my nanokeys.

I´m using a Korg nanoKontrol studio + ble app as well. Not working yet.
Glad to hear yours are:)

Looking forward to running this on my iPad. Does it support AirPlay?

Working now - thanks :slight_smile:

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@matos please dont post full logs here you can just hit send to developer if you get a crash and it sends it to me, I have moved your log to a paste bin so i can keep track of the feedback here more easily.

if it mirrors your screen then probably? will probably lag, no idea I don’t use airplay

Sorry! Oddly, when it crashes there’s no send to developer button. Just ok or reopen.

Got my Mezzz today, and everything works fine on my 6th gen iPad Mini. There is a lot going on in this app!

I can also confirm Airplay works with surprisingly little lag with my AppleTV 4k.

Nice work!

Edited to add: the iPad gets pretty warm. Also, the OS is putting a white “app switcher” bar on the bottom of the screen. See pic (this is via Airplay, but it’s present when Airplay is turned off too). Also note the aspect ratio. My projector is 1920 x 1200 and masked off for 16:9. All other Airplay sources give me a 16:9 image, I think …


Also, in case anyone wondered about where the word “mezz” came from, here’s the title page of my 1946 edition of “Really the Blues” by Milton “Mezz” Mezzrow (pic). It’s a fascinating piece of musical and cultural history from someone who was right in the middle of it.


Additional reading:

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nbd, ah I see the confusion there, I’m a new to these production apple debugging options, lets just use pastebin in the meantime then.

Thanks! Awesome you got airplay going! This app slams the GPU so yes it will get hot and probably eat your battery pretty quick such is the nature of rendering these resolution-less 3D shapes, every pixel needs to simulate a ray of light. However there is definitely a pixel scaling control that I will need to implement to better support older hardware since the current default may not preform well enough on all devices.

Thats good feedback tks and yes aspect ratio and bar hiding thing is an issue I’m aware of I will need to give vidOS proper external screen support. Its on my list.

The name Mezzz is also a more sleepy way (zzz) of shortening the word Mesmerizer, kinda like Hypno is short for Hypnotizer.

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vidOS is also running fine at ~20% CPU load on my M2 Macbook Air + MacOS 14.1.2


Mezzz is working fine with Moog’s Model 15 app on the iPad: both send and receive! The levels don’t update in realtime on Mezzz’s circular level display, however.

Mezz also shows up fine in AUM with the help of a BLE MIDI app.

(iPad Mini 6 / iPadOS 16.6)

Question: Am I able to change the -depth- of a modulation?
I am getting a little baffled. It seems like I can change the speed/rate of a modulation, but depth? Is that possible?
Seems to go from 0 - 100% , the full value of a parameter, but is there a way to say, only have 0 - 14 %

Curious to know what sort of features are planned for the app as well! Video sampling? Audio reactivity? Kitten generators?

No mod range at the moment unfortunately, Ive got a UI idea for this partially implemented but it still needs more dev

Hoping to keep refining the shape generators in the near term (theres a particular paper I would like to try to implement eventually) and ofc we need more feedback modes, some of these visuals are too “clean” for punk/noise music.

Audio reactivity is on the list but Id like to try to use the cameras more 1st.

The interesting thing is that more left field ideas such as a dedicated kitten generator may actually be in scope to fund w/ an in app purchase, tho a full on feline generator seems like a pretty involved project so it would probably not be my first choice to try out this business model :stuck_out_tongue:

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