Hypno with ShaderToy

Hypno totally works plug and play with Shadertoy! (and almost anything else that can use a webcam on your computer)

  1. Plug in Hypno to a computer via front panel USB to use NDI
  2. Open NDI Virtual Input (part of NDI tools provided here)
  3. Go to shadertoy and try a webcam shader like this one
  • Make sure your browser is using the correct camera, for my config I had to press the camera icon in the top right corner of my browser and select the NDI Camera.

Shaders to try:
Dither: https://www.shadertoy.com/view/3lSyzG
ToonShading/YUV Quantize: https://www.shadertoy.com/view/3ljyDG
Notebook Drawings: https://www.shadertoy.com/view/XtVGD1


This is so cool! I got it setup on my Hypno pretty easily. I found a shader called Notebook Drawings that gives the camera a hand-drawn/lofi kind of texture


Drafted up one of my favorite effects, Dither!: https://www.shadertoy.com/view/3lSyzG

Works wonders to add some comic book flavor to hypno.


Having too much fun with this…
Try this Toon Shader


Now experimenting with mapping Hypno to a raymarched surface to live manipulate 3D objects with the Hypno feed. This paticular example is sort of an eye/planet generator but in the future I think this concept can be used for terrain and volumetric shape generation (imagine feeding hypno’s channels into a 3d grid).

This is my tracer mapping code based off an example I found: Shader - Shadertoy BETA
Light source can be moved around with mouse, also check out define toggles in the shader for a few different display options.

In the example below you can see the optional monitor of the Hypno feed and to clarify how it maps onto the sphere.


When I first saw this post I didn’t understand anything about what I was looking at.

Today i got a VR headset and while I still don’t understand anything now I really want to walk around inside bubbling 3d sphere of Hypno madness.

The link doesn’t work anymore, have you still got the code from that example?

Have you been working any more on these kinds of things?

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Whoops overwrote that one, check this link out.

I haven’t ever gotten shadertoy working with VR you’re welcome to hack at it tho (never really had the right hardware for pc VR).

I haven’t been working on new effects (didn’t get many replies on this thread). I was hoping some of the community would jump in and try coding some effects of their own jumping off the dither example.

This is a website to read/complete if you’re interested in learning more about shader programming: https://thebookofshaders.com/


@Syntheist TouchDesigner is great for creating a VR environment with live video input as textures on objects or as virtual projections on a whole 3D scene. You can have virtual moving lights and also write or import shaders or spout/syphon/ndi any other software into it. It works with my old Oculus Rift really well.


Streaming Hypno’s NDI stream into touch designer would probably be a good place to start for Hypno VR viewing.

Tho I dont have experience with this program myself so maybe someone else could chime in on that front…

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@SleepyRon Here’s a quick example. I’m still excitedly waiting for my Hypno to arrive so I used another NDI source for now.


Just a note, under Windows, this process will require Win 10 and above using NDI ver 5. The virtual
input tool, now known as “Webcam Input” no longer supports Win7/8. And you can’t really get ver 4
anymore. FYI