Hypno setup for production?

Hey all, just wondering what you might be using Hypno for, and what your setup includes!

When I first saw this device, prior to video input, I said to myself “well that’d be cool to see with a live band”… then video input was enabled and it was just kismet.

So here I am 6 months into a Sleepy state, and this is my setup:

  • Hypno for visualisation and input modification
  • Roland V-1 HD to mix 4x HDMI sources
  • OREI 2x1 and 4x1 splitter (2x for camera feed into mixer and Hypno, 4x for output – recording, feedback channel, display, preview)
  • Akai MPD226 to trigger Hypno presets and modify parameters via midi

Couple pictures including a gear shot, and short clips of output

Currently I’ve only worked this in post but I’m gearing up to do a live show in a couple weeks with my friend’s band. Does anyone else do anything similar with their Hypno? What are other pieces of complementary gear you’re using?

I’ve additionally got a Blokas MidiHub which I might use for more modulation control, as well as possibly to route commands to my V-1 HD mixer simultaneously, but I’ve not gotten too deep into that device yet as it’s a rabbit hole on its own! The MPD226 was a great pick though, as the color coding can be set up to match presets for a nice live mixing usage.


Wow, awesome visuals/setup. We released Hypno right before the pandemic, so it was used on a lot of live-streams. Now that live-music is back in a lot of places, I would love to hear about more instances of Hypno out in the wild.

Production wise, I actually use my Hypno quite a bit for graphic design for many of the thumbnails associated with our videos and challenges (along with Photoshop). It is a bit of an odd use case, but I actually really like using the Hypno for graphic design. Keeps us on-brand too!

I’m actually gearing up to do a similar thing! I’m running a Roland drum trigger (on a kick drum) into the 4ms percussion input + expander into my hypno out to a projector. Still clunky with setup and my understanding of cv control and eurorack signal flow is rudimentary but I’m getting there!


Ezra that’s awesome! What kind of music are you drumming up? Any clips? The 4ms is a competent input with really tunable envelopes, using the expander. The CV inputs for the Hypno as existing are pretty limited as compared to all the parameters that are controllable via MIDI. There are various modules folks recommend for digging deeper into those parameters, which you might want to check out. There are some good threads on the forum about this topic if you’ve not read them already. :slight_smile:

For me the Hypno was a gateway drug into eurorack and modular synthesis more broadly, and I definitely will keep exploring that delightful rabbit hole… But literally the first thing I imagined with it before I owned one and knew what it could do, was my friend’s guitar all fractalized and modified on a screen… and I have seen it in the real now! I know I said that above, but sometimes I cannot believe that it is real. :heart_eyes: Sleep makes dreams come true…


I’m using hypno for a generative cyberscape that serves to bring some life to static video. I wasn’t able to complete this patch and will do so closer to Oct 31. The plan is to include the hypno input and a bit more feedback…

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