Hypno Kit is Here!

We are stoked to announce Hypno DIY, the “dream it yourself, build it yourself” video synthesizer!

Please feel free to ask any questions here!


Ok, first questions! :slight_smile:

It mentions it has a different engine. What does that mean exactly? Is there more processing power for example?

It’s stand alone only. Is it able to include a eurorack power header if you so desire or is that only the assembled kits?


I just read on the DIY thread that theres a comparison chart coming which will be super handy. Honestly not sure which one is better. In the video, you mention extra sensitivity to noise compared to the OG?

Sounds like OG ones potentially are a way off anyway. Damn you plague.

Yes! Working on chart now should be up later today, early tomorrow. This will answer the questions above.

The noise note is only for composite output, this is due to the dongle (and quality/shielding of said dongle) required to turn the headphone jack into an RCA Composite port vs the hardwired port in the original Hypno. (This is also why I initially went with the compute module).

There will be some pre-built Hypnos available next month, the hot take is the parts are on their way to our HQ! (FINALYYYY)


Comparison chart here - Hypno FAQ - Sleepy Circuits


Pre-ordered on Monday. Thanks for making this option!

A couple questions:

  • will multiple midi devices be usable at the same time (it would be great to use my befaco cv to midi AND a nanokontrol at the same time)?
  • should I be able to use the current image without having the kit yet? (I tried and got video output, but wasn’t able to make anything happen with midi). It would be understandable if not-- I’m just confirming it’s not an error on my part.


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Thanks and welcome to the forum!

Multiple midi devices aren’t supported at the moment but may be in the future.

We will not be supporting use of the software without the hardware, for… obvious reasons…


Following doublecoolbossman’s lead, I flashed the image to my Pi this evening and was able to get video output but none of my Elektron devices were able to modify any CC values or noteon data.

I totally understand why Sleepy don’t want to allow control without purchase given the time, effort and money they have spent developing, honing and manufacturing.

I appreciate this is asking a lot but… given the likelihood of ongoing chip shortages and other possible production and shipping limiting factors, do any Sleepy reps think there may be opportunities for paying customers to access a restricted or limited software version that they can experiment with while awaiting hardware shipping?

I know there is a chance of some idiot leaking things but this is a pretty niche community who are willing to pay for the talent, effort and craftsmanship that you guys have invested so I hope we can all be trusted!

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Fair enough! Thanks for the reply!

I’m not against this in theory, especially since you’re a paying customer, but in reality it would take longer to make this, a new business model, function than it will take you to get your physical Hypno. Starting next month, availability, especially on the DIY Kit, will be much better.

I trust our customers. History shows that there are just as many people in the sidelines who are not our customers and just looking to benefit from my hard work without supporting our business financially. This is why a half baked implementation of some kind of demo version simply won’t do and requires very careful consideration.

The whole point of this thing is the interface, if people want a midi box they have plenty selection elsewhere. I would really appreciate if people would not ask this anymore.


Hey Ron, I’m not trying to cause friction but this feels a bit uncomfortable.

The only reason for my query was enthusiasm, excitement and impatience to explore what you and the team have created because I think its completely awesome and insanely creative. I’ll wait and I respect you protecting your business but asking the question isn’t a sign of disrespect or a personal slight. Isn’t it exactly what this forum is here for?

Hypno is your baby and you guys are creating this community but I expect I won’t be the last person to ask about the software so maybe it’s worth sticking it in the FAQs why there will never be a headless version (like the M8 Tracker) and sharing a little about Sleepy Circuits and what you guys have sacrificed and invested (literally and metaphorically) to create Hypno and the company?

Maybe having that context, people like me would understand the big picture and why you think its unreasonable to even ask the question. Then these kind of exchanges, which feel a little terse, would become a thing of the past?


I can include this in the FAQ, good idea. I was letting you know where I stand on this. Exactly as you’re saying, people can and do ask us whatever they want, FAQ or not, whether I like it or not and I answer as best I can in my current situation. As is true forum fashion.

So you know, I have been genuinely considering your request of making a headless demo version available. In fact, I think there is potentially a good value in this for the business and I will be bringing it up with the team if they feel this is something that can/should happen. Thats why I responded the way I did above.

The discomfort is not with you but this situation in general since, yeah… it is difficult to navigate. Otherwise I feel the request you made is pretty reasonable and I understand it doesn’t come from malicious intent.


Thanks Ron. No bad vibes. You guys are building a really interesting and vibrant company, let alone the fascinating hardware. I hope conversations like the one above don’t deter you from the vision. I look forward to supporting the company and this community over the coming months and years as I think it’s really unique and exciting.


Ordered one last night, thanks!

The DIY kit assembly guide specifies a “USB-C 3A PSU” is required. For a Raspberry Pi 3B+ board, am I right to assume a Micro-USB 2.5A PSU is the correct option, or does the add-on PCB mean it needs 3 amps?

Welcome @jungl1st ! Thanks for swingin’ in.

The Hypno DIY PCB doesn’t need the amps however we tend to recommend overhead bc often times users will be plugging in USB devices into Hypno. With Hypno’s support for USB video decoding + midi devices + networking/NDI the current draw gets up there pretty quick

If you already have a micro PSU thats OK but if youre purchasing a new one I highly recommend using a USB-C supply not only because of the current draw but because its a mechanically more robust/reliable connector. Additionally, if you decide to upgrade to PI4 in the future the micro connector will not be present on that config.

So with regards to the DIY version, am I correct in assuming that this will have more processing power and options than the factory version? Also more upgradable in the future?

I’m mostly wanting to use it live with my modular so for my application the main difference is it doesn’t run on eurorack power or eurorack mountable currently?


Better performance? maybe… with pi4 testing software isn’t showing a significant improvement yet, Hypno is video card heavy, video card drivers are completely different so only time will tell as I work on software more, from a CPU standpoint its got more overhead for sure but this is not utilized so well yet.

Upgradeable? yes pi4 support is coming, who knows if there will be a 5…

I am trying to get Eurorack support going, the power module I used in the original design is now out of stock till the end of '22 so I am working on verifying alternative parts (T.T)

If running standalone/HDMI for a while is cool with you then DIY is the way to go, if youre planning on using composite or euro racking immediately I highly recommend picking up the original Hypno while we still have pre-order stock.

DIY will also likely have more power consumption when conversion is done because full PIs have wifi and Hub chip, those slurp serious mA

Please note the differences chart in The FAQ


On the subject of RasberryPI pwr. They (vers. 3) are very finicky. When using video you WILL know if you are under power. Replacement supply should be greater (current capability) than the nominal specified. The official RB-PI supply works, replacements are iffy. There are lists of suitable replacement supplies on the web.


Will there ever be a full DIY version? I can solder all the common parts and print the case, source the knobs, I just want to pay you for your genius and creativity and hard work, when I have all the other stuff already?

Hi SleepyBrian and SleepyRon. I hope things are going smoothly preparing those DIY kits. I was wondering if you had a rough idea when the kits will begin shipping. Like some of the others on the forum, I just received my raspberry pi4, and I’m super excited to start working with the Hypno. Thanks for letting us know about shipping when you have the chance!