Hypno Firmware 2.1.5

Update / Request: 4 users with pre-recall units reported increased noise with this update, please comment below if you experienced this and if so please confirm you have a pre-recall unit, if so please proceed with the recall thread

Please see update instructions here: https://sleepycircuits.com/hypno-updates

This update implements a number of stability and usability fixes and a lot of debugging. I this version brings some much needed consistency to Hypno’s paging interface and eliminates bugs that video input and subsequent minor versions have introduced. Video Input pages have been streamlined and split, it should now be a lot faster to get your video input corrected and cropped.

Release Notes:

  • Video Input button combos reworked ( see new manual page )

    • inputs on channel A and B now have dedicated pages / controls
    • cropping and aspect ratio correction is simplified and condensed for faster input tuning
  • Frequencies are now catching controls just like Gain (LED is off when slider is not in its real position)

  • Firmware number boot splash screen

  • Bugfixing with CV

    • Preset recall should now work as expected with CV ( front panel controls are decoupled/un-caught when recalling)
    • Fixed some instances where catching controls would never catch
    • Larger Paging thresholds (controls need to travel further before snapping after page exit/entry)
  • Infinite feedback and single shape frame rates improved with more intelligent draw call optimization

  • Input rotates the correct way

  • Lumakey works based on input frame luma before gain/recolor (more consistent)

  • Better defaults when input is plugged in (rotation/modulations reset, freq at 0)

Huge shoutout to @Winston for hardcore bug finding over the course of 2.1


Maybe this is just my experience, but the noise I’ve been experiencing (i.e. that prompted the recall) was hugely pronounced when I upgraded to 2.1.5 - rendering the Hypno unusable. Downgrading to 2.0.6 brought me back to the old, intermittent twitches. If my case isn’t isolated, I’d say this is definitely not an upgrade for anyone with that problem who hasn’t returned their unit to get it fixed yet.

Hello… hate to say it but me too… it’s going wild. I also have one of the recall units. Also it takes quite some time to update which is fine but after flashing is a long time validating but theres a skip button there, is the validating something you can or should skip? I will download the 2.0.6 like you mentioned

Sorry about that @sfish its difficult to tell because different units are effected differently by the recall issue (depending also on what setup they are used in).

But just so you know, I test on a unit that is not recall fixed and so does @Winston who has been helping me test this round.

@James you may skip the validation step, unzipping the image is recommended also

If a few more people confirm we can have pre recall people stay on the old update, since the reason the recall exists is to not degrade CV functionality for all units.

Its strange if you see significant noise though since I reduced filtering VERY slightly, this can be rolled back of course if people with fixed units have issues but this will be something that we need to figure out together.

Anyone who may be receiving recalled units in mail recently please let me know your experience with update below.

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Hey. It seems I cant download any other file except the most recent update… 2.1.5 is highlighted as a link and the rest are not. Any clues? I’m going to download 2.1.5 again in the off chance I downloaded ntsc by accident… would that be a possible cause I wonder?

whoops sorry i broke the earlier link when editing, should be up now

No hassle thank you sir

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Looks like I’m experiencing some fairly jumpy noise from the 2.1.5 update. I’ve reverted back to 2.0.6 and the noise is reduced but still present.

Hi rentalunit! Thanks for your feedback, Am I correct to assume you have a pre-recall unit?

Yes, it appears that mine is a pre-recall unit — the purchase time frame is prior to DEC 2020 and the jumpiness/noise interval matches what you have described in your recall post. I have only just discovered this forum — along with your post about that specific issue. I will need to address that recall patch at some point. Thanks!

Thank you for your reply, I have updated statistics in opening post. Sorry about the inconvenience with the recall but I believe this will make Hypno a better product for everyone.

Please reach out to support per the post and we will get that fixed asap.

I just sent an email to support regarding this issue upon updating. My unit was also purchased in Dec. of 2020.

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I’m using the new 2.1.5 firmware, and I can confirm that MIDI works at the same time as video capture. And I’m using a Chromecast, which works when connected to the capture device! Also, Hypno no longer changes an oscillator’s frequency when adjusting the drift while CV voltage is being applied to the fader. This is great stuff!

However, I’m seeing the following issues:

  1. Video input aspect ratio is not scaled properly by default. Hypno should show the video source at its native aspect ratio by default
  2. With the video shape selected, Osc B can be zoomed out so the video is full screen (well, almost - see the video), but Osc A cannot. The control should scale identically for both oscillators, and I would expect either A) all the way zoomed out or B) the center detent to result in full screen video. Note that I’m seeing this behavior without any external CV attached to the slider controls.
  3. When a preset is recalled, it’s close, but not the same. For example, if I scale and rotate the video so that it takes up the full screen and store that in a preset, when I recall it, the video might be the same size and rotation, but will be in a different position on the X or Y axis. I show this with the sine shape in the video, but it applies to any shape, and with the video shape, it’s WAY off.
  4. It feels awkward to get a knob or slider to “catch” when moving past the current point. Sometimes, I need to scrub the control back and forth over the point a few times before it catches and I can actually change the setting.


  1. It would be nice if either the center point (or both ends) of the rotation knobs resulted in the oscillator being exactly vertical or exactly horizontal. Right now, they’re in seemingly random positions, and it’s really hard to create a pattern that “just lines up” with the X or Y axis. You can see this in the video.

I’m also still having a problem where feedback becomes enabled (without my enabling it), and once this happens, feedback persists, no matter which preset I select, until I restart Hypno. I have no idea what’s causing it.

Are you using any external modulation like MIDI?

I was, but I was only modulating MIDI CC1 for color!

Does the issue persist with no external sources connected? I would isolate Hypno from any MIDI/CV to see if we can’t pinpoint where the problem is coming from.

I’ll try, but it happens so sporadically that I don’t know if not seeing it will prove that it’s no longer happening!

If it only happens when the MIDI controller is connected then my suspicion would be that the device is sending a persistent CC message causing the parameter to seem “stuck”. However, if it occurs when nothing else is connected to Hypno then we’ll have to explore other possibilities.

Thanks for your detailed feedback @Cowboy

Frequencies are now catching controls just like Gain (LED is off when slider is not in its real position)

The sliders where changed to have a catch like the gain so there are no value movement, having to find the old position with the slider is intentionally there so you can hop between pages more confidently without value jumps on this parameter which is can cause some unexpected onscreen jumps.

I will try to play with the catch margin to see if this makes it more useable but I haven’t had a problem, this works identically to the gain control catch.

Center points of rotation knobs are shifted by modulations so they are intentionally not placed in refrence to the knob position (since otherwise you would have to snap back the visual every time the modulation is turned off).

About the preset bug, you are correct the modulation states are not saved completely and therefore lines shift when a modulation moves from your other preset. I will address this in a future patch.