Hypno DIY kit & raspberry pi 4 compatibility

Hello, just saw DIY kit are available, that’s great =)

Does it have to be a raspberry pi 3 or it can work with a raspberry pi 4 too ?

It’s kind of hard to buy some raspberry nowadays because of the semi-conductor thingy :confused:
But i already have a PI4 on hands, i try to flash the SD card then launch it with the PI4 and it kind of boot properly (the terminal say OK every where and i don’t see any errors) but at the end it prompt me for a login/password for hypno and that’s it.

I know PI4 and PI3 don’t really have the same processor and have some differences that make thing don’t work on the PI4 :confused: But did any of you ever try ?

Official PI4 support is coming sometime this month. Plz hang tight and subscribe to our newsletter (bottom of page) for the ping when it is ready.

At that point I hope you will buy a DIY kit! :wink: Its gonna come with a PI4 enclosure.


Will I be able to take advantage of (class compliant) USB3 capture devices on an RPi4 Hypno? Can we finally break free of the awful video encoding that USB2 devices put out? :stuck_out_tongue:

No idea tbh. I hope so!

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Oh niiiice !
Yeah sure i already want to buy a diy kit, but i can’t find any RPI3 so definitely gonna buy it if it work for RPI4, i also read somewhere the RPI4 is way better for video than the other RPI

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Can’t wait for Rpi4 compatibility.

Just waiting for ping’ @SleepyRon to order DIY Kit.
Also what Rpi4 board best Rpi4 B+? So can order.

Welcome @Meek!

They should all work fine so at this point in the supply shortage my answer is: Whatever you can get!

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Excellent! Ordered pi4, just waiting news for when Hypno DIY kit ready, then will order.
I’m in UK, hope shipping won’t take forever

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My Pi4 arrived today :smiley:! Itching to do something with it.

Can’t wait for Hypno update :hugs::hugs::hugs: on new DIY for pi4 @SleepyRon

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Announcement will come sometime this month, I’m still actively working on this but I can tell ya that my build is running quite well now. Just a matter of doing the e-commerce and docs and trying to squash the last few issues.

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This is good news :smiley:!!

Apologies, just keen to start twisting knobs and making cool experimental visuals to go with my music.

“What’s Meek Makin’?!”

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hey meek!

can I ask how much import duty you had to pay for your hypno diy kit?

I’m going to order one to the uk when I get paid at the end of the month and want to make sure I’ve budgeted correctly.

I haven’t ordered one yet as I don’t know if the Hypno is compatible with Pi4.

But I would add at least 20% of total value including p&p for import (VAT).


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hey Ron,

in the build guide it says “The 4B has several RAM options. They all work , so try to find the most affordable one. There is no advantage of buying a higher RAM (>2GB) model for use with the Hypno.”

just for absolute clarity do you mean more than or equal to 2GB rather than more than 2GB? in other words the 1GB RAM Pi4b is the one to go for not the 2GB one.

Hi @fgsdjkoafsih, no need to read into this too deeply

Hypno is compatible with all of the ram versions without a noticeable difference.

In general the goal is to keep compatibility as wide as possible in light of the recent shortages.

@Meek Hypno DIY is fully compatible with Pi4 and works great on it!

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import charges were about £75 for the uk.

Sorry for asking but I just want to make sure, does the DIY kit work with the Pi 4B?

Soooo, yes, no, go away you bother me, what?

Yes, I believe so. See two posts above yours.

Might it be that the fact the Raspberry Pi Foundation (in their near-infinite wisdom) decided to use “Raspberry Pi 4” and “Raspberry Pi 4B” interchangeably to describe the Raspberry Pi 4, despite there only being one model which both names refer to, has resulted in some confusion here?

The Raspberry Pi 4B is the Raspberry Pi 4.

Raspberry doesn’t seem like a real word any more, I’ve typed it too much and it is silly.

Raspberry Raspberry Raspberry Raspberry (B)

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Thanks. Do you know if the extra ports on the 4B work with Hypno? There’s an additional 2 USB 3.0’s and 2 micro HDMI ports. I’m a Pi noob and knew nothing prior to using Hypno and Eyesy. It is a bit confusing at first.


edit: wait a sec. I just found this. Implies that all ports on the 4B work?

Almost forgot to add “Pi, Pi, Pi, Pi”