Hypno 2.4.4 Firmware Release

2.4.4 Is here to address some of the bugs people have been finding in the last release. Hope this solves most of the issues that have been holding people back from using the previous patch!

Patch notes:

  • Presets now recall correctly again

  • USBs with over 50 videos dont crash anymore and switch correctly

  • re tested usb webcam inputs are still correctly selectable

  • bugfixes for elektron device 0vel noteons

  • bugfixes for mezzz “hypno mode” echoes for Mezzz 1.4

Find it here: Hypno Firmware | Sleepy Circuits

Hi. I just updated my original Hypno to 2.4.

It now starts out in 640 resolution instead of 720 like before. I play with the “Render Resolution Scaling” settings and can only get it to go to lower resolutions, but never up to 720p. Is this expected?

Also when I tweaked the resolution settings for a bit, the entire system crashed and just says something about “Failed to start /etc/rc.local Compatibility”.

I didn’t see this in the release notes, so I guess these issues are not addressed in 2.4.4?

720p means 1280×720p and Hypno has never run at this res, it also hasn’t displayed the resolution in most previous versions, Hypno’s engine runs at a max of 720x480p, otherwise it chops the resolution down to fill widescreens and other aspect ratios so the max is different depending on which screen is hooked up.

To clarify; youre experiencing a crash when switching resolutions in engine or using the config setting to force a resolution (that was added last patch)?

Sorry, I meant to say that I used to get 720x480 resolution… now I can only get max 640x360.

I haven’t modified any config files. I got a crash just by doing the button and knob combo on page 9 of the manual.

Got it thanks, u used to get 720x480 on the last 2.4 release with thesame display plugged in on this CM3 unit? This readout only got added last patch.

I dont believe the resolution negotiation changed on the pi3 in a long while, I was debugging the pi4 based units mostly, so id be surprised if this changed.

Sorry but I don’t remember what version I was running before I installed 2.4. It was probably a year since I upgraded. Prior to 2.4 I never saw any resolution indicator, but the bootup screen always displayed fine.

Since I installed 2.4 the bootup screen is cropped and I’m unable to read a portion of the text during bootup. After booting is complete I see a readout of resolution: 640x360. I am unable to configure a higher resolution. I assume these 2 issues are related.

I always use the same TV and HDMI cable.

I have not yet tried installing 2.4.4.

Was successful in getting the cut down 2.4 pi3/cm release onto my original hypno, but balena is complaining that 2.4.4 is too big to fit. Tried it on two first gen Hypnos and same deal.

These updates continue to be disappointing.

What about the updates don’t do it for ya?

Personally enjoying the increased performance of the video sampling function. Mezzz integration is super fun and adds a bunch of extra control, amongst others.

So give the update another go, perhaps from a different perspective.

It doesn’t install on the CM3 version. I’m just tired of wasting my time because proper testing isn’t being done prior to releasing the software.

@Intelligence.Limited Your username is quite an accurate description of you huh? The benefit of offline hardware is that theres no pressure to update whatsoever so DON’T, another is that you can divest and sell your unit at any time. There are no significant features/bugfixes in these last few updates for pi3 variants so just move on.

There are 4 variations of the Hypno hardware (more if you count different eMMC sizes) and we cant even build new CM3 Hypnos for testers since it was surprise discontinued by pi foundation in 2020 so yeah things slip through.

I recently did budget time for testing to help find issues but yes the scale is small enough that I can’t pay a team of experienced testers and I can’t rly demand deadlines on volunteers’ work cuz thats not cool either (the people on the beta channel on chat). I am very thankful to have some awesome talented people on the team, here on forum and on that beta channel now and usually issues get ironed out or flagged in the first couple of weeks of the firmware’s release.

Well done giving me another instance of regretting starting a forum. There I go wasting my time with a reply. Now I’m seriously considering taking this site down entirely as its wasting both of our time.

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The rest of you please hang tight for the smaller image ( these images take a while to rebuild/export ), I had my smaller eMMC in my CM3 Hypno and didn’t realize, my b.

nice buddha

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I would happily deliver, in person if you’re near portland, my cm3 hypno for your team to test with in exchange for a suitably discounted pi4. I have 3 now, 2 cm3’s and a pi4. One of the 3’s is in a eurorack with a sensory translator and the other i promised to a friend (at hefty discount due to pi4 upgrade). So i have a vested interest in keeping my eurorack version going and it’d be sweet for my friend to get a new pi4 instead of an old cm3. Let me know if you’re interested.


Is the Video Index to choose between only one UVC device OR the USB content? No ability to switch between UVC HDMI cap and Webcam?