Help saving presets to usb

ive read and seen there is the ability to save presets to a usb stick …
can anyone help me find the guide on how this is done ?

I believe you do this with midi. There’s a midi map in the latest manual.

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To save presets to USB, you will have to get a USB OTG adapter. You can then plug a USB drive into the USB OTG adaptor, and plug that into the front micro USB on your Hypno. Then any presets you save will be saved on the attached USB drive. You may also have some success using a USB Hub and saving presets via MIDI while a USB drive and USB MIDI device are attached, although this has not been fully tested.

We will have a tutorial on all of this later in the year, but for now, here is some other helpful related information –

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hi, so my presets are saving on my usb stick , well there are 3 presets saved in the preset folder on the stick , and they are labelled patch0.json. , patch1.json and patch3.json…
when I remove the stick from the adaptor I am able to recap the 3 patches sorted in the Hypno , which are different to the patches saved on the usb stick , so its defo saving presets to stick when plugged in …
question is can more than 3 presets be saved on the stick … and if so how?
is midi the only way?

also how are we able to load images and videos from the usb stick?
I get the cube , but don’t understand how to index through the other files on the stick and load them .
help is on but not saying anything other than the usual verification of knob /slider …

Please read the hypno pdf manual’s last page about the video page controls, those have indexing controls if more than one video/images are present: Hypno Manual - Sleepy Circuits

yes midi is the only way to save more presets.

thank you so much , and sorry , I must have read that manual ten times and not seen that bit …
thanks for you patience … will explore the midi … had a key step 37 doing some duties , seems to work well …
I noticed in the midi config software from Arturia that you can set midi to thru…
now I can select the keystep in Ableton and send midi to it …
hopefully some LFO s , if so … im in biz NIZ…
shall report back


How did that work out for you? I’m very curious about using hardware to sequence the Hypno with MIDI in Ableton, but I know things get a little hairy with trying to send data from a computer to it.


I’m trying to save multiple presets via MIDI with a USB hub (I used Arturia Keystep and a mobile app), and initially everything works fine, but when I restart Hypno, I can’t recall the saved presets. I checked if the information was saved on the USB drive and it’s there, multiple files in the presets folder. Am I missing something so I can recall the presets every time?

Make sure when you’re recalling presets that you’re on the same octave you were on when you saved them via the keyboard keys, as sometimes that can get changed while playing.

Thank you! After some testing and reading more on the forum, I figured out that I have to turn a physical button on Hypo and then it works.

I just discovered that you can load multiple usb sticks with different graphics packages (set lists) and hot swap them. Each drive will have its own presets folder and you can overwrite presets with the MicroLab so they work correctly for each different disk. I’m using up all my GF’s toenail polish to paint up the usb sticks so I can remember which is which.

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That is awesome! I hope she appreciates it!!!

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Hey, really interesting to me because I’d love to expand the number of presets (my live set already uses all available slots…). Was in fact thinking of using a second usb stick indeed !
But I’m not sure I understand what you mean by “hot swap” (I’m not completely fluent in english). Do you mean you swap sticks very quickly to avoid internal presets to trigger ?
My only concern for using another stick so far, is that it would be impossible to do the transition smoothly.

I save 2 of the 3 front panel presets using internal shapes only. I switch to one of these and then remove the usb drive and replace it with another (hot swapping). No interruption in video output and a whole new graphics load with presets.

I started my 2nd disk with a copy of my 1st disk presets folder (which produced some interesting happy accidents) and then remixed video and overwrote presets using the MicroLab.

I consider the different disks to be setlists.


Great advice , thanks for sharing :pray::pray::pray::pray::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1: