Ground Loops (when Hypno is connected to a computer)

If you hear a buzz or hum when Hypno is connected to your computer, you may have a ground loop! Ground loops are a common cause of noise, hum, and interference in audio and video devices when interconnected devices are receiving power from separate sources. If you’re experiencing ground loop noise, some of the following suggestions may help you identify or eliminate the source.

  • Plug your Hypno, computer, computer accessories, video capture devices, audio interface, CV devices, and anything else that is physically interconnected, into the same power strip/conditioner (provided that the power strip/conditioner has enough sockets and can safely supply the required power for the aforementioned devices).
  • Power Hypno using an AC to USB power brick (USB wall outlet adapter), with at least 1A output, connected to the module’s side microUSB port.
  • Power any audio interfaces through its mains connection, as opposed to USB bus power.
  • If the noise is still present, try simplifying your setup until you pinpoint the culprit by process of elimination.
  • USB ground loop isolators may help mitigate ground loops, especially if the device causing trouble in your system is battery powered with no means of direct mains connection.
  • Additionally, you can help eliminate noise and other interference in your setup by using balanced audio cables wherever possible, power conditioners in place of power strips, and avoiding running audio or video cables parallel to power cables.

Due to the complexity of audio-visual setups we can’t provide formal technical support for ground loops, but feel free to post about your issue in this thread if you need help.