CV, Video, Midi and Gear questions

So first off let me say I’ve just been getting started and I am disabled. So please be patient with me. You all have been awesome so far.

I was given Hypno in the hopes of using it as a alongside VCV Rack since I am unable to use a conventional large modular system due to limitations. So far I have run into a problem as I had been using an SQ-1 to do the midi to CV. The issue that I am having is that the SQ-1 will not output a bipolar 5v. I need a suggestion on an external USB midi to CV device that will do -5v to 5v this way I can add some crazy diy things down the road.

Secondly, I have been unable to get video input to work. I am using a sparkfun brand OTG adapter (works with pi zero) and what looks like the same HDMI USB adapter in the video, Hypno never recognizes it. I also tried a pi zero that I installed a uvc gadget image on with no luck. I just purchased and am waiting for the same OTG adapter Brian used to see if the cable might be the issue. I did notice the usb ports fitting weird.

Lastly, I was reminded of the USB midi input and think this will be the best way to control Hypno. But how? I’ve tried plugging it directly into my Surface and it shows up as a serial Ethernet Gadget but no midi.


Hi @KAM welcome to the forum!

I am not personally aware of many standalone devices that can convert MIDI to CV with that specific range, however maybe another user has better experience to share. There would definitely be a lot of options in the Eurorack world, if you ever consider getting a small powered case you could mount Hypno and the MIDI interface in there together to keep things compact.

Currently there isn’t any way to send MIDI from a computer to the Hypno directly over a USB cable, however, there are a few other options you might find useful.

For one, if you’ve already got a physical MIDI interface, you could add something like an iConnectivity Mio1 to bridge the MIDI gap between Hypno and your computer, and avoid converting to CV altogether. Admittedly it’s a slightly hacky way of doing things but it would be pretty cheap, and allow you to control all of Hypno’s parameters instead of just the CV inputs. I’ve done this before using a simple 2x2 MIDI interface and the Mio1.

If you’re intent on using CV, then some audio interfaces can serve this function. There are a handful of interfaces made specifically for Eurorack that would allow you to send CV from VCV, though I’ve never used one of these personally.

Keep in mind that a 0-5V signal will still work with Hypno, it just won’t reach the full range of that input. 0-5 is very usable range, however, and often I find myself scaling voltages to even less than this for subtle modulation. The control knob for this parameter acts as an offset too, allowing you to further dial in the modulation.

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Does anything happen when you connect a UVC video source to Hypno, or no change at all?

At the moment, Hypno is a MIDI Host only, this works great for midi controllers but not so great with laptops unfortunately.

Im curious if OSC is well implemented in VCV? or just MIDI?


Sounds like you could use an attenuverter between the SQ-1 and Hypno to turn the 5v into +5v/-5v so if you go the eurorack way this is one answer.

I’m working on a fully midi solution.

I’ve ordered a Midihub from Blokas which will serve to either pass thru midi from my midi controller (arturia minilab mk2) & laptop straight to the Hypno or manipulate it further, by putting an LFO to a CC value for example.

I also got a cheap usb midi host and usb to midi cable so I can connect various usb things into this system.

Once it arrives I’m going to see how well it plays with VCV. I hadn’t even thought about linking VCV and Hypno, now I’m super excited.

On the webcam and capture card point: neither of my cheap devices work either. I’m going to do further testing because I really want to play with this feature.


Good to know midi host only. VCV does do OSC.

I really wanted to use my copy of chameleon to to make a touch interface for Hypno.

Interfaces help me out great deal.

If you’re still having trouble with video input after trying some things, would you mind describing the problem and your setup for us in this thread

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Thanks for the suggestion and I’ll look into it.

Let me know if the midihub works. I own a PiSound from Blokas to use with some scratching software.

Using Hypno with vcv was my goal.

I’ve ordered a new otg cable and hoping this will fix it easily.


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cvOSCcv by trowaSoft (my better half and I) is 8 channels of CV <> OSC with expanders to add more channels. We are still working on updating to VCV 2.0
My main focus in designing these modules is generating and controlling visuals. We have sequencers, 6x oscillator bank, a 3 layer scope and, a WIP laser module that can run Helios and Etherdream DAC. Both will soon have spout output (and maybe NDI) as well. Also, a lissajous (X+Y) polygon generator and a resizable Spout monitor are almost done.


Denki oto has 2host which will allow midi to pass from one host to another. It’s like 30ish bucks and is working well for me with other things (waiting on diy kit, but should also work great with it).

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I’ve been using a midihub recently and it works very well. I gave myself a problem and quite a headache overthinking it – their way of thinking about the blocks available is pretty ingenious and my issue was solved in a far simpler fashion. I’ll try to get a short video about it this week sometime.


A video wherein I ramble a bit about some stuff I’m doing with the Hypno & Midihub together.


Hey, I seemed to understand from your video that you’re using video input (webcam or something) and also MIDI over USB at the same time, is that correct? Because I thought that wasn’t possible…


Which midi to USB cable are you using for your midihub → hypno connection?

Yes it is possible to do both – I am using a powered USB hub as recommended in the FAQ I believe. A regular hub won’t provide enough power so it must be a powered hub that is used.

I am using a cheap USB/MIDI cable from Amazon for connection to my Midihub.

Does that also require a powered USB hub? I have that same cable but my connection isn’t working.

You only need a powered hub if you’re using more than one USB device plugged into the Hypno, and only (I think) if you are using the original CM3 model with the front panel USB. The newer models (e.g. using a Raspberry Pi 4) have rear USB ports and you can plug in as many devices as will fit. I think. :melting_face:

What’s the current “path” your signal is doing?
The midi part I am a little lost by. You’re outputting the midi from the sq-1 to the hypno?
As far as I know, the midi output would be set to note values, I don’t think you would have the granular nature of cv, but instead have the values “stepped” to notes.

My issue was MidiHub. I had to send to virtual output first, then from virtual output to midi out

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