Video Input - Hypno 2.0 Firmware

We’re unaware of methods to send UVC video over a USB cable from a PC or Mac. If you find anything that does this, please let us know!

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I’m trying to wrap my head around what I need/how to do the following:

play a video file from my Mac as input through the Hypno, and record the processed results back onto the Mac.

Can someone walk me through how that would work?

One approach is to use two video capture cards.

One taking an hdmi feed from your Mac. This is essentially set up as an external monitor and is outputting via usb to an OTG cable going into the front of the Hypno. Having a capture card with hdmi thru to another monitor would be super helpful here.

On the way back having hdmi out from the Hypno going into the second capture card feeding back into OBS on the Mac.

Instead of the first capture card you could also try using a suitable webcam pointed at the Mac’s screen, traditional video synth feedback style, again attached to the Hypno via OTG.

With either of these situations you might run into issues with your Mac not having enough or the right type of ports.

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Hey noctambulance, welcome to the forum.

Syntheist has got it right in the above post, so long as your computer can support a secondary display and you have a couple capture devices, this should work fine. You signal chain would probably look like this

Input: computer HDMI output > USB2.0 HDMI capture device > USB OTG (microUSB) adapter > Hypno
Output: Hypno HDMI output > USB/TB HDMI capture device > computer

For the Hypno output going back into your computer you can use a second USB2.0 capture device, like the ones we recommend for video input, and get pretty decent results. However, you’ll get better results with a higher quality capture device like Blackmagic Intensity Shuttle. You could also capture the composite output instead of HDMI, but the results will be lower fidelity.

To some degree your computers specs will determine how well this works. I haven’t had any specific trouble doing this myself with a ~4yo Thinkpad

Im getting a lot of noise through my speakers when using the front input of the hypno.The hypno is also being powered from the other usb port. The noise is present when the laptop is plugged in and not plugged in.i tried another cable with the hypno and same noise. It seems to be something between my soundcards usb and hypnos usb when they are both plugged into the laptop.
I have the dec 2020 hypno so maybe this is the problem but just wondering if anyone had the same issue and maybe a quick fix?

The recall fix wont/shouldn’t effect this.

This noise only happens when using video input? What does it sound like (high/low pitch)?

I haven’t tried hooking up this type of computer loop with audio tbh but…

Definitely power Hypno separately,

Try to isolate the audio interface if it is bus powered or the power of the front usb hdmi adapter.

Do you have any powered usb hubs to try on any of the ends?

Also be careful running HDMI/USB wires over audio cables, they contain high speed switching signals and will likely cause interference.

I am trying the following and it is not working so far:

Mac > USB HDMI capture device > HDMI cable > HDMI to micro USB adapter > Hypno front input

I’m also trying a Canon camera > HDMI cable > HDMI to micro USB adapter > Hypno input

any idea why these aren’t working?

I should note that this is an iMac with USB outputs

Is there any response from Hypno when you plug your capture device in?

no. I’m perplexed and thinking I may be using the wrong adapters. I think for the Mac video output, I need a usb C to HDMI adapter, as I don’t think it will stream video out of the USB A ports.

As for what I am connecting to the Hypno, I’m not having any luck with cameras with HDMI output. Here’s what I bought to plug into the Hyno:

Somehow the description for this device changed since I bought it - looks like it is probably not the correct device.

OK I just re-read your signal chain. It should be more like this:

(HDMI source) > HDMI cable > USB 2.0 HDMI capture device > USB OTG adapter > Hypno

You need one of these adapters to connect the USB2.0 capture device to your Hypno:

another day, another dead end. I bought an OTG adapter, but as soon as I plug the HDMI capture card it turns the video input into a bright yellow/green shape and none of the controls affect it. It prevents the Hypno from being able to cycle through all of the shapes - basically freezes the module. Here’s the OTG cable I purchased:

I went ahead and ordered the OTG cable you mentioned from Amazon. Hoping that when it shows up tomorrow it will do the trick. In the meantime, if you think this other cable should work and I may be doing something wrong, let me know. Thanks!

no luck. Same issue with the suggested OTG adapter. The hypno reacts to the input by throwing up a yellow/greenish shape, and the module freezes up, controls don’t react etc. Do I have a defective unit?

So it seems we’ve identified an issue in the 2.1 firmware, which was pre-installed on our latest batch of Hypnos, that prevents some users from using USB video input at the same time as HDMI output from the module. We are working on a patch for this that will be available soon, in the meantime you can optionally flash back to the 2.0 firmware and video input should function as usual while using HDMI out. Alternatively, you can switch to using composite video output until the patch is ready.”


Does this include dec 2020 batch? How can I check what firmware I have? My otg adapter just arrived and I cant get video input going… I have hdmi out of camera into capture card into otg into hypno. The a channel light changes but not getting video input…I tried using the usb out of my q2n into otg into hypno but I didnt get the color change on channel a at all. I guess it’s the firmware issue…

When I boot up it shows 2.1 on the screen for a short while once the visuals start.

Hey there. I dont see that (unless I need a bigger screen) I see just color screen followed by terminal looking load up (black background white txt going really fast up the screen)
I will try look closer.

The Dec 2020 batch would have 2.0 on it. Sounds like Hypno is recognizing your capture device, are you certain the camera is sending an HDMI signal the capture device can decode? Have you tried another HDMI cable or HDMI source? Also check out the Video Input Page in the manual and see if adjusting any of those settings helps. Your capture device is USB2.0, correct?

Hey just got round to trying video input again… so the capture cards are 2.0. I tried changing the hdmi cable like you suggested and now it’s working! Got the zoom q2n camera running into to it and put my laptops hdmi through it…all good… looks like lots of fun to be had with the video input. Another notch on the hypno belt. Delighted… thanks for your help!


New 2.1.5 firmware should resolve your video input problems

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