Color Modulation

I have gone through the manual a few times and I am again a bit confused. Looking at the front panel there is no CV input for modulating color(a huge oversight in my opinion). So, I figure, there must be a way to modulate color through the nifty self patching interface. Alas, that also does not seem possible.

Is there no way to modulate color and/or saturation on this thing?

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I could be mistaken, but I thought it was possible to do so via midi. I’ll have to check… Memory failing me.

MIDI as the only option would be a shame. Being able to do it via CV or internal patching is what I am looking for.

@SleepyRon & @SleepyBrian any options here? I would honestly rather be able to CV control color over polarization.

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OK, so I have two very complicated ideas. :slight_smile:

  1. What if in the background you ran various logic operations on the SHAPE CV inputs. So you could essentially run AND OR XOR etc so one could patch that to a color shift or offset. Each time both gates meet the requirement of the gate logic the color changes.
  2. Same kind of idea, except for CV. Maybe even internally mix two CV inputs to get a third that can be used to control color.

I really do not know, these are wacky, but damn if it isn’t just depressing that I cannot control color.

@dysonant, sorry for your frustration. Right now the only way to modulate color is via MIDI or by hand. I will discuss further with @SleepyRon but there may be a delay before we get back to you because we are trying to take a breather for the holidays.


@dysonant Correct. You cannot modulate the master hue control aside from MIDI at the moment.

Hello Sleepy folks, now that the holidays are over, I am wondering if you have given any further thought to the possibility of color modulation?

Master Hue modulation is possible via MIDI. If you absolutely need CV modulation over master Hue I recommend cv thing from befaco and plugging it into Hypno’s front USB port.

Thanks, not a bad idea using CV to MIDI device, but I was more interested in answers to the other ideas I posted. Maybe I did not articulate them well. The idea was not to change at all how the hardware works or the expected signal or results form that signal. It was to add another software based internal modulation for the color that used existing CV signals.

If that is not possible or a path you want to pursue, I understand, but it would be pretty cool.

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These are not necessarily related to color mod and add/logic functions are beyond what the current UI would support (and I am not interested in adding text based menus in Hypno)

These are general ideas for expanding the hypno engine so please direct this type of brainstorming to the folowing thread: Hypno Ideas/Feedback


Thanks, appreciated, will do.