What version of the Pi 4B is included with the assembled Hypno?

Hi all –

I’m very interested in the Hypno. I have a spare Pi 4 but I see that the DIY kits are no longer available but there’s a fully assembled system I can purchases.

I’m looking for details on which Pi 4B RAM model is included with the Hypno if I buy the assembled version? Can anyone who has made a recent purchase chime in? Is it the 8GB version, or one of the lower spec Pis?



My Hypno, purchased this year, includes a Pi 4B with from what I can tell, either 1 or 2GB of RAM.

However, I’ve managed to run Hypno with the CM4, Pi4 and 3B+ on it’s core, and haven’t noticed any difference in performance.

If you’re just using it for pure synthesis, external processing and video sampling, you’ll be just fine.

So go with what’s included, and start shredding with the video synth.

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Thanks for the info on the Pi model!

Which Pi you choose will depend on what IO’s you want.

I think there was previously a choice – but as it currently shows in the shop, you can only buy an assembled version that comes with a Pi 4, hence my query. I was seeking clarity on the specs of the system. The choice of kits, different Pi versions, etc has gone away.

I was speaking to the ability to swap whatever Pi your Hypno comes with if you want different IO’s.


Sleepy never sold assembled units with a choice of PI’s, only assembled with PI4/CM4 (as available) or as a DIY “no-pi” with just the control board.

But the assembled ones now are the best they’ve ever been. 4 USB connections, USB C power, RCA out over 1/8” jack and a set of micro-HDMI outs, only one of which can be used at a time though.

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