Welcome to the Sleepy Forum! Read This Before Posting!

Hello and welcome to the Sleepy Forum. This is a place to connect with your fellow artist about all things video, audio and interactive art.

Please be respectful of your fellow artists as we all do our best to help each other reach new heights with our art.

Text is a limited medium so proofread and double check your posts for errors, conciseness and potential misinterpretations by your fellow forum members. When sharing issues try to give as much detail about hardware, wiring and software versions as possible.

Before posting about issues or questions please review our docs wiki which contains an exhaustive FAQ and Manuals for all our devices and related issues: docs.sleepycircuits.com

This forum should contain more carefully crafted posts, if you would like to engage in general banter and rapid fire group text please join us on our Matrix Chat.

Happy Posting!