Way to utilize a Launchcontrol XL Mk2 directly to the Hypno?

I’m working on building out a lightweight live setup to use hypno for shows, and my favorite midi controller for it so far has been the Launchcontrol because of just the sheer amount of controls per bank/page, and I am on a tight budget so I can’t buy a new control right now. The current setup I have is a bit of a rough one though,

LCXL → usb into FL Studio → Midi Map (manually created template for hypno) → usb out to Behringer Crave → midi thru to midi-to-usb box → usb to Hypno

On the one hand, a awkward but functional way to do host-to-host controls I guess (and it’s made doing live sessions at home a blast), on the other, not usable live because I don’t really want to buy a laptop for that purpose.

I’ve tried mapping the LCXL using novation’s configuration tool to set all control outputs to Ch16, and the CCs to match the docs, running it direct to the Hypno, running it through a powered usb hub to Hypno, using it in low power mode, in normal power mode, making sure the templates I was using are working right via midi ox debugs, and so far nothing has worked outside of my weird roundabout hack. Also have reflashed the firmware twice just to make sure it wasn’t some weird issue there.

To my knowledge, the LCXL MK2 is a fully class compliant MIDI control surface, I’ve never had a real issue of compatibility before. Does anyone have any tips? Is this maybe caused by the LCXL’s firmware or onboard memory?

Thank you!

If you haven’t already, I would suggest updating the firmware on the Launchcontrol XL.

Have you tried cutting out the computer but keeping the Crave and MIDI to USB box into Hypno?

Try twisting a knob on the Hypno itself (mine is the DIYversion) , then a knob on your LCXL…I have to do this with my bcr2000 each session before it works… the BCR is plugged directly into the Full sized USB port on the top. It is an mildly annoying but permissible work around.