VR Hypno That Vibes With Music

I have an unsolicited idea for you guys. You should expose the hypno software logic as an api on aws and create a vr app so people can listen to music and jam out to the music and visuals. You could create some templates, but route a select few of the visual manipulations to change on the beat of the song. Every time a kick or low frequency hits you could quickly zoom in and out on one of the layers. Likewise with high frequencies like hats, when a hat hits you could adjust the saturation of one of the colors. They would have a 360 degree view of these fractal images that would vibe with the music. I think people would love that :woozy_face:


I have been resistant to enter this market due to the tech being just a bit early for now and I still prefer hardware controls for precise value entry (vs handwaving controller which is still find awkward for serious use in almost every app except maybe gravity sketch).

It doesn’t help that facebook controls most of the hardware on the market at the moment and I don’t want to support that vibe ( I actually stopped using my quest after the fb login requirement). Lets hope Pico Neo and the industry move to OpenXR changes that.

VR is still disadvantaged when it comes to sharing your art in person with a large number of people vs a screen/projector, functionally gatekeeping the art you’re showing with an additional paywall for every single user. I am a proponent of getting people together and exchanging ideas in the real world so I see this as serious issue.

Or anyway those are my concerns for Sleepy entering the market officially.


Though I believe a user was able to get hypno into VR via touch designer.

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Hi guys
I am new here but i do have some VR knowledge.
My name is Olivier Biron and i lead camera development of Felix & Paul Studios.
I think a very cool thing would be to have the Hypno to output a LatLong.
With very little knowledge push this to youtube.
That way people could enjoy 360video with their phone etc etc.
Basically it would work with a tech that many of you already have in their pocket

that sounds great! I am unaware of this use case, are you thinking of a specific app/setup that can do this already? or a proposed one? Inputs, outputs etc?

also, you mean latitude longitude cordinates in a sphere? is is this some term I’m unaware of? havent been doing much 360 yet haha idk if Hypno can push enough pixels to make it compelling all on its own.