vidOS with hardware sequencer

Hey, just discovered vidOS and it looks like it’s exactly what I’m looking for. Within 5 minutes I was able to control it using a hardware sequencer. Sending MIDI on Ch 16 to the iPad over USB with the CC values from the documentation worked! Now to figure out how to make use of all the cool effects, and then I can mix n match n sync audio patterns driving my synths with video ones driving vidOS from a single device.

It looks like vidOS has huge potential to grow, including with a variety of software and hardware inputs, and I would gladly contribute. I’m not currently looking to add new hardware to my setup, but if I can contribute to the software side (maybe an in-app purchase for people wanting to use it with non-Sleepy hardware?) I would be up for it.

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Hey @jeroen020 welcome to the forum and thanks for your feedback. Happy to hear youre enjoying vidOS and are looking to support the effort!

I use it with both a midi sequencer and Mezzz at the same time personally, with Mezzz as the primary controller and my sequencers tuned to specific parameters for synced movements (I also don’t have much space on my synth table and its hard to find truly compact controllers that have the very high number of CCs accessible).

The primary way to support financially would be buying Mezzz of course since I"m making the app primarily for the first party controller but otherwise…

In app purchases will be coming but like anything else on the software end need more dev time to achieve this. So if you or someone you know has experience in iOS/Android C++ Vulkan development, I could definitely use the help as a lone dev and this is a position I am looking to fill on the team as we grow. For now I’m working out a lot of the basics of vidOS still and it will certainly continue to grow.

TLDR coding paywalls is not as exciting as making the app actually work for me so I’m getting to it!