VidOS Full Screen on IOS Center Stage

Hello Sleepy peeps,

I’ve been using VidOS on my IPAD Pro (M1/M2) full screen without any difficulties. Now the time has come to put it on a projector. A recent version of IOS now allows a second monitor in extended mode over HDMI. They call it center stage. I fired up VidOS and put it on the second monitor, but it doesn’t go full screen. There are 3 dots at the top of the App, and while other apps have a “show full screen” option, VidOS doesn’t. I can’t figure out how to get it to go full screen on the second monitor. Is this a known issue?

Hoping for a fix :smiley:

Yo! Center stage is a camera feature so perhaps u meant stage manager? (Use Center Stage on your iPad or Studio Display - Apple Support)

Windowing is actually a real confusing PITA on iPad/Phone especially while trying to preserve cross platform compatibility.

The way to get fullscreen on external displays w/ iPad on 1.4 is to activate stage manager, drag the window to the second screen (or use the 3 dot dropdown) and use a mouse to maximize it to the full screen by dragging on the corner. I know its annoying to have the mouse around but its the only way ive found to have only one binary and not add any apple specific code so that we have the possibility of supporting other platforms in the future.

Another weird quirk (which I havent even found any documentation about after much searching) is that iOS at that point overrides the “don’t sleep” flags set by the app so you will want to go to settings and have your display never sleep while at the show.

Ah yes, of course Stage Manager. Marketing at its best when the title is so metaphorically tenuous. Anyway, thanks for the reply. I’ll give it another shot but when I tried to maximize it with the mouse by dragging corners, it left a blue stripe of background on the left and right. Like a reverse letterbox. Ill look into whether the background for the second monitor can be set to black.

If youre getting bars at that point plz make sure youre on the recently updated vidOS version since this should have been fixed this recent patch.