VidOS big problems

I ordered the Mezzz from Schneidersladen berlin and while waiting for it, I wanted to test the VidOS with my only BT MIDI controller which is a cheap Rockjam Go 25. I was shocked to see how bad the apps BT implementation is. Where can I connect my BT MIDI device? I have to connect it through other apps like GarageBand? I can’t get past the initial black info screen on vidOS. I changed the midi channel of my keyboard to 16 but no midi note is allowing me to bypass the initial screen even though I am receiving midi notes which I can monitor in midi wrench. Sometimes I see some bubbles and stuff happening behind the initial screen when I press notes and turn on the wheels which indicates that something is happening in VidOS but still no way of bypassing the screen just by playing a midi note. It has cost me several hours and it doesn’t help that there is no input or Bluetooth connection monitor on vidOS which makes me seriously consider cancelling my MeZZZ order if the app is so undeveloped. Can you please provide any support?

hey there, had a similar issue with my existing midi controllers.

I just had to re-map my controllers with the software editor; korg nanokontrol,

i’ve already included it in another subject on this forum.

but I can surely confirm, it is functional with third party controllers. you may however also need to update the app for these changes to take effect.

*a key ingredient to confirming it’s function is the apple iphone to usb dongle, otherwise i wouldn’t know how else to directly get midi and my elektron boxes/ sp404 into the iphone to begin with.

The problem is that no matter what I press, the intro screen doesn’t go away. I already confirmed through midi wrench that I am receiving MIDI on channel 16 on the iPad where VidOS is running. The weird thing is that I can see stuff happening behind the intro screen so a simple touch to dismiss this screen would be sufficient. No matter which key or pad or knob I use, the screen doesn’t go away

Ah yea, I’m working with an updated version that omits the need for a midi note, any cc will trigger the splash screen to go away.

So yea, just go back to the App Store and make sure to update it. All will be fixed.

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Yes we fixed this last week w/ @cinema.av’s debugging help! Now the splash dismisses with any cc change detected as well as note_on messages so please make sure to update to the latest version via AppStore!

Mezzz uses sysex for a lot of out of spec control and integration with the app which is why this was bugged with 3rd party controllers.

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