Video sync with video mixers

Hi all, I’m in Australia and therefore in the PAL system. My hypno works with some gear and struggles with others. Works with one LG tv but not a different one, Losses colour with video mixers Edirol V4 and panasonic mjmx10. I’m guessing these are all sync issues. Can these issues be addressed with a software update or should I seek out a sync generator to fix the issue? (any PAL suggestions) Also, it seems that a midi update may be on the way so it will show as a device in ableton for example, my request would be that this be applied to the side usb port rather than the one on top, having a cable plugged in to the top port can get in the way of the knobs, thanks.

Hey Watermelon, welcome to the forum!

Are you certain that you have the PAL version of the Hypno firmware installed? Loss of color usually indicates a format mismatch. You can find the PAL image on the update page of the website.

The side port does not support data transfer, so there’s no way to change this with a firmware update.

Resolved with PAL image.