Video playlists?

Hi there,

I’m a new Hypno user, and new to the forum. I’m familiar with the basics after watching a few of the tutorials and reading the manual, but was curious to ask some questions to more experienced users.

I was hoping to set up my hypno in such a way that I can mostly just leave it for a few hours and have it put on a bit of a show with minimal or no interaction from me - and wondered if anyone had pointers that might help me?

To expand on that, I was hoping to add a bunch of videos via USB and then have it cycle through all of them (either in order or randomly), occasionally switching back and forth between live input. Sort of like a video playlist? Is that possible?

On top of that, I’d like to have it self modulate, change fractal amount, mod, changing feedback amount, switch between presets etc without interaction.

Is there a way to set up something like that within the device itself, or will I need to figure out a way to control it externally? I have a midi sequencer, can use M4L (saw the nice Hypno CC device that Isja made), and have a bunch of eurorack that I could use to achieve this, but wondering if there’s a simpler way to get the desired results that doesn’t involve anything external to the device itself?



No, nothing on the hardware itself.

I somewhat experienced this when I played a show. Although I have my setlist full of presets and CC messages configured, I didn’t have anything set up for before the show so I would go and make small tweaks with the video patch that was playing while we were setting up.

Next time, to be able to make patches that change over time, I’ll just dedicate two or three presets to the “pre-show”, sequence some CC changes, use a MIDI LFO (if I have one at the time) and play the sequence back at a super slow tempo.

If you have some Eurorack gear, you may get some good milage by plugging in slow, unsynced CV modulation to the various parameters of Hypno and letting the modulation grow and evolve over time.

On the unit itself, there isn’t really a specific way of setting up generative long form changes, but with a little outside help, Hypno does great at that.

If you can set up some changing MIDI CC messages, you can also put together some longform changes with a little bit of preplanning, or with a generating sequencer of some sort.