Video playback length issue

Hey there, I’m new here and really enjoying the community and all the information that SC is putting out.

After an aggressive dongle campaign I’ve finally managed to get some video through my front Micro USB port. However, sometimes the video plays in its entirety (6’) and sometimes only the first scene (4”).

It’s a 480p mp4. Any idea what I’m doing wrong? I’d like to have the full video play regularly.

Also, when I turn osciallator A off, OSC B just freezes the frame. Is this intentional or some bug to be worked out?

Thanks for your help!

Hey there! Welcome to the forum!

glad you where able to get some video in and sorry about the issues :confused:

can you please share which firmware version you are on? Are you able to share this video with me so I can test and see if I can recreate this issue?

I can also try to get a video as long as yours and see if I can recreate this bug, 6’ means its 6 hours long?

ah… sure enough the video playback freezes when the left shape is unpatched, good catch! I will fix this bug in the next update.

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Thanks for the bug patch!

here is a link to the video I was using

The video is only 6 minutes long. I guess to explain the issue further - After playing through the video once - if I were to remove the USB drive or just play it again it would seem to reset and arbitrary spots only a few seconds in. Let me know if you have the same issue!

Oh, and I’m on firmware 2.2.3