Video page controls per shape

I don’t know if this is an issue per-say, but I am curious to know what others think… I feel like there is a way to get lost and have difficulty navigating back to center due to a couple factors I will try to describe.

On each shape now as of 2.2.3 we have “video page” controls which add more functionality to each oscillator! This is awesome but here be dragons I think…

It seems like the X/Y Crop controls which are mapped to the slide pots carry over their value when changing shape, such that you can get a horizontal or vertical line on sin/tan for instance and end up with an oval instead of a circle when you then change to that shape! Can this be set on a per-shape and per-oscillator basis?

Additionally I think on the video page controls with regard to X/Y and aspect, the center detent is not strong/sticky enough… it seems more likely possible to end up just slightly off center if these controls are changed.

Does this make sense? I like the variety available but it seems like the controls need a bit of fine tuning.


I’d really like video/advanced page controls to be per-shape.

With 2.2.3, changing video/advanced page controls for one oscillator modifies the video/advanced page controls for the other oscillators. So if I dial in a cool looking X/Y Crop setting for my Sin or Tan shape, the Poly and Circle/Oval shapes end up getting distorted, which is a huge bummer, since I’m not interested in creating squashed shapes like ovals or non-square rectangles.

To that end, there doesn’t seem to be any kind of center detent for the video page controls, so it’s really hard to get circles or other square-aspect-ratio polygon shapes once those settings have been changed.

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I think these are great points and also something I thought about after further play-testing (like 3 more shows)

I ran out of time for implementing per shape “advanced shape page” (thats what I’m calling that in the manual now) this last patch due to this introducing some new uh…data structures

I also think it kinda breaks the trigger-ins/button switches a bit since the shapes are a bit unexpected and harder to dial in.

Also agreed on some controls benefitting from deadzones, I just havent gotten that far yet. Plz let me know which controls exactly you mean, x/y crop and lumas should be 0 at the bottom so assuming aspect correct specifically is the one that needs a bigger deadzone?

Thanks again for the feedback y’all. Should this thread be moved to the beta section?